Order and Organisation in Your Dream Garage

Order and Organisation in Your Dream Garage

Our garages are often used for storing everything from tyres and tools to old paint. With our organisers and storage systems, you can transform your garage into a Dream Garage. If you have a lot of space, you can also use your garage as a place to relax.

Tired of clutter and poor organisation? 

The Norwegian Hans Jørgen Andersson was one of those who started Gatebil in 1993. Gatebil is a Norwegian concept, a fast-paced mix of car meet and music festival, where you as a visitor get a chance to drive your car on a track and meet other car enthusiasts.
Hans has a burning interest in cars and is very interested and knowledgeable in equipment that you can fill the garage with. Here he shares several good tips on what to start with when you want to create your dream garage.

A garage can be used for a lot more than storing the car: you can set up your own gym, do carpentry tasks, prepare your skis, or simply use it as a place to relax.

With garage systems from Biltema, you can furnish your garage to suit your needs. Wall cabinets, tool drawers and tool hangers are just some of the useful products we stock.

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The dream garage

Andersson from Gatebil prefers shopping at Biltema when he wants items for his garage:

“Biltema has a lot of great products for those of us who are particularly interested in cars and garages, including a lot of special tools. The tools also have a warranty up to 10 years, which is an important indication of quality.”

Tools at Biltema

He knows exactly what his dream garage looks like.

“Perhaps the most important thing for me is that there is plenty of bench space and drawers that create a system. In addition, a tool trolley is handy when working in the garage. I can recommend the tool trolley from Biltema. Not only is it on wheels, but it’s also filled with many smart tools.”

Biltema’s assortment box can be hung on another of their tool trolleys for even more storage space, or it can be used separately. Other smart garage interiors include this workbench, or garage trolley, which in addition to having many smart storage solutions also serves as a workbench.

“Otherwise, small items such as strips, paper towels, gloves, a bucket for car washing, and funnels are a must in any garage – big or small,” says Andersson.

For those who want to spruce up their garage a bit, a good tip is to lay a decorative concrete floor.

Our epoxy-based floor paint is mainly intended for concrete floors, but can also be used on wooden flooring and fibreboard. For an additional decorative effect, you can paint the floor with floor paint before sprinkling paint flakes over the wet paint. Finish with clear coat for good durability.

Our range of indoor paint


Get order in the garage

We agree with Andersson from Gatebil that a tidy garage is a prerequisite for a good garage.
Clear out and sell the things you don’t use. In our stores you will find several smart storage solutions to help you keep organised.

With our storage solutions, not only can you create order with cabinets and shelves filled with various lidded storage boxes, you can also use ceilings and walls. Smart wall hooks can be used for hanging wires or other equipment. We also have hooks that can be hung from the ceiling and our own bicycle rack.


Relaxation area

Sometimes it can be good to have a place to retire, whether you want to do carpentry, get some tasks done, or workout. Or what about inviting good friends over for a football match or game night? The garage is the perfect place for this.

At Biltema you will find everything you need when it comes to tools, while our smart planer bench can be used for both carpentry and as a table for games, such as our fun football game or air hockey.
With LED strips you can create pleasant ambience, and our smart mini fridge will keep your drinks cold. 

But a good atmosphere needs good music, and we have a wide range of popular Bluetooth speakers.

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