Guide - Choose the right Power Tool for the job

Guide - Choose the right Power Tool for the job

Are you already a DIY enthusiast or are you looking to learn more and decide what tools you need? Do you have dreams and ambitions about things you want to redo, repair, or fix at home but you don’t have the right tools?

No matter your previous experience or knowledge, this guide will come in handy. We will show you some good power tools to have at home, which are part of our smart MultiX 18V series. In the MultiX 18V series, you use the same battery for several different machines. Our MultiX series of tools and machines using the same 18-volt battery is also available in an 18V Pro Series.


What’s the difference between the 18V series and the 18V Pro series?

All machines in both series are cordless and use the same battery. However, the machines in the 18V Pro series are brushless, which means that you get an even more energy-efficient motor, with a longer service life. Simply put, they are slightly more powerful machines.

MultiX – one battery, many possibilities

With our MultiX series, you use the same battery for all the different tools and machines in each series. Being able to use the same battery for multiple tools and machines saves you both time and money – and makes the machines easy to use! But don’t forget: the battery and charger are sold separately!

More benefits with MultiX

Drill driver

A drill driver is always good to have at home because it is such a versatile tool that you can benefit from in many different construction situations. A drill driver can be used either as a drill or screwdriver.

You should choose a drill driver based on the size and scope of the work you are going to do. Of course, you also need to take into account what material you are drilling and screwing in. In our range you will find drill drivers that are brushless and equipped with a metal chuck. The tools also have built-in lights, allowing you to work efficiently.  Our HDB 18V drill driver also has an impact function that makes it incredibly efficient.

Circular saw

If you are going to cut timber or split different materials such as wood and plastic, you may need a circular saw. The circular saw and its battery are easy to take anywhere you need to use it. A circular saw is mainly used for coarse cutting, and is not as well suited for finer cutting.

Here at Biltema you will find two different variants of the circular saw, one in the 18V series and one in the 18V Pro series. Both circular saws are stable saws with a parallel guide and a multi-angle base in cast aluminium. They are both equipped with a laser, vacuum cleaner connection, and ergonomic rubber-clad handles. The main difference is that the circular saw in the 18V Pro series has a brushless motor.

Spray gun

Using a paint spray gun when repainting at home saves you both time and effort. And since you use the spray gun at a certain distance when painting, you also always get an even and neat result. You can use the spray gun when painting walls, ceilings, doors, exteriors, furniture, fences, kitchen cabinets, and much more. The machine is easy to clean because you can remove the motor section and then clean only the plastic parts.

Benefits of a spray gun:

  • You get an even result
  • You get a neat result on textured surfaces
  • Painting is faster and easier

Glue gun

Are you going to be doing arts and crafts or decorating with mosaics? Then we think you should invest in a glue gun!

The glue gun is a versatile tool that you can use to glue wood, plastic, foam plastic, textile, tile, ceramic, and other fragile materials.

A glue gun should not be used to glue heavier or larger things, but it’s perfect for hobbies, arts and crafts, and minor repairs such as sealing holes and joints. It’s also very useful for reupholstering a chair, for example, where you supplement the gluing with additional fastening.

A great advantage of a glue gun is that the tool is quick to use, the glue dries quickly, and you can use the glue gun with high precision, which allows you to use it for fine crafts as well as less demanding carpentry.

Multi function tool

The multi function tool will quickly become your best tool friend as it has several different uses. Depending on the tool you have equipped, your multi function tool can cut, grind, sand, polish, burr, or scrape.  Since the multi-tool is narrow and long, it is particularly suitable for precision work on smaller surfaces and corners. Our multi function tool has an oscillating movement pattern, which produces a neat result when grinding, for example.

Rotary Hammer

A rotary hammer can be used to drill in stone material. The rotary hammer rotates just like a screwdriver, but also has an impact function, which makes it more powerful when drilling in stone material. Rotary hammers are therefore used for drilling in harder materials such as concrete, wood, or plaster.  Our Rotary Hammers are equipped with an SDS+ mount.

What is the difference between our rotary hammer and the brushless rotary hammer?

The difference is that a rotary hammer drill can also function as an impact drill, but an impact drill cannot function as a rotary hammer drill. The rotary hammer drill has a chiselling function, which means that you can turn off the rotary movement and only use the hammer, which is preferable if you are going to tear down tiles or similar.


A sander is a popular tool in many homes. No matter if you are renovating the kitchen, building a bench for the hallway or a new fence around the house, you always benefit from a sander. With Biltema’s sander, you can dry sand wood, plastic, and metal, and you can use different sandpaper for different sanding coarseness. Our sander has an oscillating movement pattern, which produces a neat result.

The sander also has a vacuum cleaner connection, so you don’t have to sweep up the dust and chips from sanding. Note that only the 18V, 2.0 Ah battery fits our sander.

Jig saw

A jig saw is a useful tool that you can use to cut irregular curves. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you are guaranteed to encounter projects where a jig saw would have made your work easier.

The jig saw has an angled base and a compact design, which allows the jig saw to be used in tight spaces. The jig saw is easy to control.

Depending on what you are going to saw, you will also need to buy a suitable jig saw blade for the material. In our range, you will find, all-round jig saw blades as well as blades for thin sheet metal and mild steel, and blades for hard and soft woods.

Reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw is a good tool to have at home when you are going to perform tough work like demolition or construction projects where you need to saw through plastic, metal, wood, plasterboard, fibreglass, and lightweight concrete. You can also benefit from your reciprocating saw in the garden when cutting or pruning branches, shrubs, and trees. Our reciprocating saw in the Pro Series is also equipped with a brushless motor.

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