The best winter activities outdoors!

The best winter activities outdoors!

Large parts of Sweden are still bathing in snow, while other parts have slowly but surely begun to welcome higher temperatures and spring. The sports holiday is waiting around the corner and Fettisdagen is fast approaching. Both are traditional and suitable times of the year for the whole family to spend time together - go out and go sledding together or come up with other fun winter activities that put a smile on everyone's lips.

In addition to sledding down the hill, other great winter activities can also bring colour to one’s cheeks, such as building a snow castle or snowman, or playing a game of pond hockey. And sometimes just a family picnic in the middle of the beautiful winter nature can be enough.

Plenty of equipment for tobogganing

The supply of equipment for tobogganing and similar sports has grown a lot in recent years. Traditional equipment is represented by gliders, sleds and bobsleighs. Nowadays, one can also find sleds with brakes, which can provide some security by making it possible to control one’s speed on the hill. Newer arrivals among tobogganing and related equipment include various gliding mats, sliding mattresses and so-called snow tubes. Mattress-like equipment is lightweight to pull to the top of the hill for another ride down the slope, but it is important to note that it is unsuitable for children under 3 years of age.

The round inflatable snow tube is intended for older children, as their speed can be considerable. Using a helmet is therefore highly recommended. The youngest members of the family can enjoy their time in a sled for babies, which comes with a back rest and where one can place a sheepskin pelt for added warmth.

Snow sculptures are a joy to behold

It’s worth taking advantage of the snowy winter and build a snow castle, during which one’s imagination is the only limit. Would you like to dig a snow castle into a big pile of snow or roll up large balls of snow for the castle walls? A good snow shovel is a necessary tool for building snow castles or other sculptures. Wetter snow can even inspire one to create more advanced snow sculptures and offer things to do for many hours – and the traditional snowman with a carrot for a nose is an absolute favourite for many children!

Try out games in the yard

Large snow piles can also provide inspiration for a number of games, such as Lord of the Field where the Lord stands at the top of the snow pile and is to prevent the others from getting up.
Or would you like to challenge the whole gang to a bandy match at home in the garden? Divide into two teams and drive!
Balls go a long way, because there are so many different games to play - where only one ball is needed. Measure who throws the hardest with the help of a practical speedometer. Or put up bottles or other objects that you are going to throw down. You can also play Bollen i burken, King-Out, Jägarboll or a classic like Kasta Gris.

A picnic is the highlight of the day outdoors

- When are we going to have lunch? is a question that many have heard before you have even sat in the car. Lunch is the highlight for many both when traveling and engaging in winter activities. You never get as hungry as when you are out in the fresh air.
So pack the picnic bag with sandwiches in lunch bags and coffee or hot juice in a thermos. Or warm up with a good soup that is kept warm in a thermos. If you have the opportunity to cook lunch over an open fire, it is always appreciated by most people. Grill sausages, burgers or tasty stick bread and take the opportunity to warm yourself in front of the fire at the same time.

Remember to dress properly

It is essential to dress properly for a day of winter sports. In the middle of activities, one can easily feel hot, even sweaty, so it’s important that the clothes breathe and transfer moisture away from the skin. You have familiarised yourself with the principles of layering, haven’t you?

Dress with layer on layer

We give you some tips on what to keep in mind when dressing according to the layer on layer method.

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In varying weather conditions, especially when it comes to children's winter dressing, it is also important that the outer layer is at least sufficiently moisture-repellent and is preferably completely waterproof. When walking and playing in deep snow, snow locks on the sleeves and legs of outerwear prevent snow from entering shoes, for example.

It is advisable to add a tube scarf to the winter outdoor clothing list for both children and adults. It’s a versatile piece of clothing all year round and can, for example, be used as a warming collar. In addition, a tube scarf can be folded into a headband or used in colder weather like a helmet liner under a beanie or a skating/skiing helmet.

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