How to de-ice and clear snow on your driveway

Fluctuating weather that’s warm and damp one day and cold and crisp the next is the perfect recipe for a winter with plenty of ice and occasional snow. There are several methods to keep your driveway and yard free from ice and snow.

De-icing and snow clearing are chores that most homeowners have to do every winter. There are plenty of methods and tools to help prevent slipping accidents or, for that matter, to drive your car out the driveway in the morning. Here at Biltema you will find the tools to make de-icing and snow clearing easier. Here are some tips on what to consider along with what products to choose.


An icy yard can be both a hassle and an injury risk, which means it’s very important to keep the area in front of your door free of ice. Some people prefer sand, various de-icing agents or thawing salt. Some prefer more advanced methods such as heating coils, while others use alternative methods such as coffee grounds. At the same time, some methods have a negative impact on the vegetation in your yard while others have less long-lasting effect.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using these on, for example, a driveway?


Sand – the cheap option

Sand has the advantage of not costing much and has no effect on your plants. However, it does not help to loosen the ice and it must spread as soon as it has melted into the ice. In the spring, you have to sweep away and discard the sand. For those with a lawn along the driveway, sand is not a good option.



Salt prolongs the effect

Traditionally, thawing salt has been used to help with de-icing and to prolong the effect of sanding. By using thawing salt, you need to de-ice much less frequently, which makes it more practical. However, thawing salt can cause certain side effects on the environment and the vegetation in the area it is used.

De-icing agent is long-lasting and gentle

De-icer is a more environmentally friendly, harmless and economical option. De-icer can be used to de-ice roads, walkways and driveways. It provides long-lasting protection and works in varying temperature conditions all the way down to -25 °C. Because it’s made from naturally expanded silicate, it is free of salt and does not damage the surface of your driveway or walkway.

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Snow clearing

Clearing snow from a driveway, entrance or front yard is different depending on where in the country you live. Maybe you need a classic snow shovel or snow scoop? If you need to clear snow from a roof, you may need a snow rake.

Shovel when it is easiest

If you choose to go with a classic with a snow shovel, it’s beneficial to act quickly after a lot of snow. When the snow is new, it is light and fluffy and will be much easier to clear than if you wait until it has become wet and compacted. Better to clear little snow more often than wait until you have a thick layer of snow that almost feels like ice.

Snow clearing at height

A snow rake, or roof rake, is a tool for clearing snow from roofs. Climbing on the roof and shovelling away the snow with a regular snow shovel be risky. A snow rake is therefore a better option because it is equipped with a transverse blade connected to a long shaft. This lets you stand under the roof and extend the snow rake to safely clear the snow. By also using a telescopic shaft, the length can be adjusted so you can also reach very high roofs.

Read more about our snow rake for roofs

Deal with larger amounts of snow more efficiently

To clear large amounts of snow, you need an efficient snow thrower. Ordinary snow shovels or snow scoops aren’t good enough. With a snow thrower, you can deal with large amounts of snow on your driveway, parking space, or other open areas.

But it’s not easy to know which model is best for you. The model you should choose depends on the size of your yard, the ground surface, and the amount and type of snow that needs to be cleared.

Here at Biltema you can choose between different types of models for your specific conditions. But before you buy your snow thrower, we want to give you some tips on what to consider.

Choose the right snow thrower

Don’t forget...

Remember that the classic rules apply when you go out in the winter cold to clear away snow and do some de-icing:

  • The right equipment is the first step for successful snow clearing. Proper clothing and shoes that can withstand moisture and preferably designed for tough conditions.

  • Good tools and the right equipment depending on where you live and what you will be doing.

  • The right technique so that you don’t injure yourself! Use your legs, keep your back straight and your stomach clenched. Avoid twisting your upper body too much, especially when holding a heavy snow shovel. Do not pretend to be Snow Tarzan – only shovel as much at a time as you can.


Assembled and ready with Biltema Service

Do you want help assemble your snow thrower? Through Biltema Service, you get your snow thrower assembled and ready at the time of purchase. The option is made either during the purchase process on the website or at the checkout in our local stores.

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