Soldering pens and soldering sets

Do you need a soldering pen or a soldering set for soldering? On this page, you will find our soldering pens and soldering sets, so you can get started with your project.
With us at Biltema, you can find exactly the equipment you need to be able to solder. Our high quality equipment makes the process easier and you save a lot of time, and patience.
Keep on reading to see what we can offer you.

What soldering pens do we have?

At Biltema you will find both sets and individual soldering irons, we simply have something for every need.

You will find the following with us:

  • Soldering sets
  • Soldering pens

Are you unsure of which product you need for your project or construction? You can always contact our customer service if you are unsure; we are here to help you.

Get advice from our employees

Is this your first time buying a soldering pen? Or is there something with our products that you want specified?
Our competent staff knows a lot about the products we sell. They will therefore be able to give advice and guide you so that you come home with the right soldering pen or soldering set.

A welcoming team

We perceive ourselves as a large team that all puts the customer first. Biltema should be a good place to shop as a customer, and therefore we always encourage you to contact us if you have questions or concerns, and we will help answer them.
Regardless of whether you get in touch with us by phone, email or in the store, you can be sure that we answer you in a competent and knowledgeable way.
Do you want help with your order? Come by one of our stores or contact us online today.

A cheap pleasure on Biltema

We have pushed prices so that all our customers have the opportunity to make their dreams come through. Therefore, you will also find soldering pens and soldering sets at a favorable price in our range.
We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to accomplish their dream project, therefore all our products are kind to the wallet.
We are proud to be able to provide our customers with quality goods, such as soldering pens and soldering sets, at prices that everyone can take advantage of.