Electric bikes

Electric bikes

An electric bike is perfect for those who, for example, have a longer commuting distance or have many hills on their route. Either a model with a carrier, foot operated brake and basket, or a slightly sportier version that allows more varied cycling. With us at Biltema you will also find electric mountain bikes, and electric bikes that can be folded-up. We therefore hope you'll find what you need. When you buy your electric bike at Biltema, it is fully assembled and ready to be used when you pick it up.


If you usually ride  shorter distances and on less demanding roads, a 3-speed electric bike is a good choice. However, if you cycle longer distances or in varied terrain, it is more appropriate to choose an option with 7 or 8 gears. Gears built into the hub need almost no maintenance. External gears are more sensitive and require more maintenance, but often mean more gears and a more lightweight bike. 


You can achieve different ranges on a single charge. A variety of factors play a role, including:

• Temperature 
• Wind 
• The surface you are riding on 
• Your weight 
• How much you are pedalling 
• How much assistance you choose to take advantage of from the motor

Most electric bikes have various assistance modes that determine how much assistance you will get from the electric motor. When choosing a battery – think about how you are going to use the bike and then determine how powerful a battery you will need.

Are you interested in how Biltema's batteries work? Learn more how to get the most out of the electric bike battery that you buy from Biltema.

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Tyre pressure

The amount of air you have in the tyres influences how easy it is to ride the bike and how much the electric motor needs to assist you.

Be sure to check the air pressure in your tyres more often during the winter months, as cold air takes up less space than warm air. This means that the tyre pressure of many bikes is too low during the winter. The recommended tyre pressure for your particular bike is marked on the side of the tyre.


Is your bike from Biltema?

Is your bike from Biltema?

When you purchase a new bike from Biltema, you can take out free insurance for three months.

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Don't forget your helmet!

Don't forget your helmet!

Cycling is a perfect form of exercise, and it's easy to equip yourself properly.

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Time for an electric bike?

Time for an electric bike?

Discover our range of battery-powered bikes. Everything from the classic bike to the sporty version.

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