Correct answers for the outdoor quiz

1. What does the layer-on-layer method mean?
b) Dressing with several thin layers, so that you can regulate the upholstery when the weather changes

2. What does the Right of Public Access mean?
c) That I can stay, with no problem, in most natural areas, including privately owned forest and land

3. What is the largest land mammal in the Nordic region?
a) The Moose

4. In which country is the forest the greatest natural resource?
b) Finland

5. What is a fjord?
a) A deep bay that cuts several miles into the country

6. In the northern parts of the Nordic region there is a polar climate. But what is it that means that we do not have the cold climate in the entire Nordic region?
c) A warm ocean current brings warm water from the Gulf of Mexico stream, making it warmer in the south.

7. When picking mushrooms, you should store them in a:
a) Paper bag

8. What item of clothing should you wear closest to your body, when you are out in nature?
c) Breathable base layers

9. What is the most important feature of a shell jacket?
b) That it is made of functional material that is wind and waterproof

10. The red needle in a compass, where does it always point?
c) To the north