Cycle service – we've got the tools you need!

Buyer's guide to bike servicing - keep your bike rolling for longer

A bicycle has to endure a lot - sun, rain, changes in temperature and road salt. This is why you need to show your bike a little care from time to time to keep it in top shape. Maintaining a bike is neither time consuming nor difficult, and it is perfectly possible to perform a complete bicycle service at home. Here at Biltema you will find bicycle tools, lubricants, cleaners, and spare parts for maintaining and repairing your bike.

Bicycle cleaning and lubrication

How often do you clean your bike?
By regularly cleaning your bike with bicycle cleaner, for example, it will accompany you faithfully on the road for many years. All you need is a cleaner, sponge, chain washer, and a towel. When you have finished cleaning your bike, you should also lubricate its moving parts. Finish by applying a coat of bicycle wax for a glossy, dirt-repellent surface.

Bicycle chain

The bicycle chain is the part of the bicycle that attracts the most dirt, and may need a little extra attention and care. Use Biltema’s Chain Washer together with a chain cleaner. Don’t forget to rinse off all the cleaning agents with water afterwards. You can finish by using the chain washer just with water to remove the cleaner. Allow the chain to dry, and then finish by lubricating the chain.

Tools for bicycle repairs

When you maintain or service your bike, some repairs are sometimes needed. It will be easier to repair the bike if you have the right tools. With these tools at home, you can replace most bicycle parts and perform most bicycle repairs on your own:

  • Inner tube repair kit
  • Tyre levers
  • Allen keys
  • Torque spanner
  • Screwdrivers (slotted and Phillips)
  • Adjustable spanner

Frewquently asked questions about bike servicing

Why service the bike?

If you want your bike to last a long time and continue to function safely, you should service it regularly.

Can I maintain the bike myself?

Absolutely! You can easily perform some bicycle maintenance yourself, with the help of the right tools, cleaners,and guidance. Get help from our guides and videos here.

How often should you service the bike?

It depends on how often you use the bike and what you use it for. If you do not cycle more than 80 km a week, you should service the bike at least once a year. But remember to check the moving parts, tyres, lights, and reflectors at more frequent intervals.