Tin-calcium batteries

Here you will find tin-calcium batteries for your car. The car batteries are well sealed and their good ventilation minimises the risk of its vapours being released. The tin-calcium batteries are maintenance-free and the casing is made of reinforced polypropylene. This makes them very durable and able to withstand more powerful vibrations and knocks.

Maintenance-free car batteries

The tin-calcium batteries are completely maintenance-free and their built-in handles make the battery easy to transport and carry. The advantage of a tin-calcium battery is that it has a long service life and that its charge lasts longer than a traditional car battery.

Recycle your battery

Old vehicle batteries are considered hazardous waste and must therefore be handed in to a recycling centre or to the distributor from which you purchase a new battery to ensure that they are recycled correctly.
Before recycling your batteries, we advise you to check which local rules and guidelines must be followed when recycling hazardous waste.