Vehicle batteries

On this page you will find our wide range of products in the Vehicle Battery category.

On the page titled Good to Know About Batteries, we have compiled all the information you need before and after your battery purchase. There we guide you in choosing a battery, as well as installing, maintaining, and charging it. We also answer frequently asked questions about vehicle batteries

Vehicle batteries at Biltema

Get in the habit of checking your vehicle battery so that it stays in good condition. We have an affordable range of starter batteries for cars, trucks, and tractors, as well as leisure batteries for use in boats, caravans, and lawnmowers. You will also find battery chargers, battery accessories, motorcycle batteries, and lead-acid batteries here on the page.

We have the following products in our range of vehicle batteries:

Car batteries

Your car battery wears out over time and needs to be replaced when its capacity is reduced and the starting power deteriorates. When buying a new battery, it’s important that you choose one that is suitable for your car. Read our Buyer’s Guide on what you should consider when buying a new car battery, and check out our range here.

Battery chargers

Your car battery charges while driving, but if your car is stationary for an extended period or if you don’t drive very often, the car battery won’t have time to charge sufficiently. You can solve this with a battery charger!

Before choosing which type of battery charger to buy, you must identify your needs and whether the battery charger will be used for maintenance charging, for recharging a discharged battery, or for jump starting. Maybe you need a charger that can do all that?

Read our Buyer’s Guide before buying your battery charger.

Battery accessories

In our range of battery accessories you will find battery water, battery cables, earth cables, and battery cable lugs, along with connection cables, battery clamps, and battery cleaners.

Lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries can be used for cyclic charging and maintenance charging. Lead-acid batteries are useful and can be used for toys, alarm systems, lawnmowers, torches, etc.

The lead-acid batteries in our range are maintenance-free and valve regulated.

Leisure batteries

You can use a leisure battery for the electrical equipment in your motorhome, caravan, or boat. Some of the leisure batteries in our range can also be used in combination with solar panels and home wind turbines.

Motorcycle batteries

In our range of motorcycle batteries you will find quality starter batteries for your motorcycle. It’s important that you choose a motorcycle battery of the same type and with the same dimensions and capacity as the battery you want to replace.

Within our motorcycle battery range you will find our four types of starter batteries: