5 tips for successful construction of a gingerbread building

As Christmas approaches, the interest in handicrafts is usually aroused in many people, sometimes even in those who are usually not particularly busy. Building a gingerbread creation is the perfect way to get an outlet for your creativity, and we have gathered some tips that can be useful for gingerbread building. And it absolutely does not have to be a house, it can just as well be a lighthouse, a tree or a roller coaster. We built a garage!

1. Imagine you are a gingerbread architect - plan the construction!

Make a sketch of what you want the gingerbread building to look like, and then cut out templates in paper. You can also make the templates in thin cardboard and test build the creation first. Then you’ll have full control that it will be exactly as you have imagined. dig.

2. Roll out the dough thinly

When it's time to start baking, work the dough thoroughly before rolling it out. The dough should be at room temperature and soft so that air bubbles do not form when it is baked. In order for the parts of the building not to become too thick when they are baked off in the oven, it is important to roll the dough really thin, preferably not thicker than 1.5 to 2 mm.

3. Bake parts of similar sizes together

For many, it may be a matter of course, but it can also be easy to forget. Small gingerbread pieces bake off much faster than large ones. Therefore, bake the large parts on one plate, and the small details on another. Then all the parts get the same golden brown colour, and nothing gets burned!

4. Decorate first, then assemble

If you are going to decorate with icing, it is often easier to do it before the parts are assembled. Small details such as facade panels, roof tiles, rims or other decorations are usually easier to make before installation.
The icing can be applied with a spirit bag, but if you want to get really small details, it can work better with a freezer bag that you cut a reasonably large hole in.

5. Cover the blemishes with powder snow

To get the right mood, powder some icing sugar over the house using a tea strainer or a fine-mesh colander. Then it looks like the first snow has just fallen, and in addition, it can hide any defects in the construction. Keep the house dry, then it lasts the longest!

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