Accessories for bathrooms

Buyer’s guide for bathroom accessories – for a functional bathroom!

Is there a specific accessory you need in your bathroom? Or will you furnishing your bathroom with a practical washbasin and cabinet or a towel warmer? At Biltema you can choose from over 45 affordable bathroom products to ensure that your bathroom is both stylish and practical! In this guide we explain the benefits of several popular products.

Shower curtain – lead the water where it should go

A shower curtain helps the water run to the drain instead of the bathroom floor. For as little as a hundred kronor, you can get a shower curtain in 100% polyester from Biltema. Choose from purple, blue and white with a stripy pattern. The shower curtain comes with metal eyelets and twelve rings so you can set it up right away!

Toilet roll dispenser – add some elegance

A hanging toilet roll is much more elegant than when it stands on the floor. Buy a toilet roll dispenser and add some elegance. Biltema’s design is made of brushed steel, which perfectly matches modern and slightly older bathrooms. And you don’t need to worry about damaging your wall, since the toilet roll dispenser can be mounted with self-adhesive tape.

Bathroom mat – give your morning a cosy feel

Nothing beats the cosy feeling of stepping into the bathroom in the morning and feeling the fleece from the mat against your bare feet! At Biltema you will find lovely soft bathroom mats in red, white, blue and grey. We also have a bathroom mat with U-shaped side that fits around the toilet.

Hooks – for bathrobes and toiletries

As with toilet rolls, it is best to hang bathrobes and toiletries on the wall. At Biltema we have many different types of hooks in a wide range of stylish, wavy and chrome designs.

Washbasin and cabinet

It’s always nice to have somewhere to put things that you don’t want to leave out, and a stylish washbasin and cabinet is ideal for this. In addition, the cabinet is a good way to conceal the plumbing from the washbasin. At Biltema you will find neat and practical washbasins and cabinets for your bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors

Who doesn’t want to be able to look in the mirror while brushing their teeth or washing their face in the morning? At Biltema you will find bathroom mirrors with a practical shelf on which you can keep your toothbrush or hand cream. In addition, mirrors create a sense of space and make the bathroom feel larger.

Towel dryers

Towel dryers heat and dry your towels quickly, while also reducing humidity and warming up your bathroom. A stylish and practical furnishing!