Christmas lights outdoors

Buying guide to Christmas lights outdoors - light up the deep winter darkness outdoors

Glittering lights in the garden give a glimmer of hope as the darkness of winter spreads across the country. Here you will find decorative outdoor lighting that creates a Christmas atmosphere.

Strings of lights that glitter and gleam in the dark

Strings of lights play a major role in lighting arrangements in the winter months. The soft light creates a cosy atmosphere no matter where the strings of lights are placed.

You can liven up your winter-weary garden with a simple string of lights. Why not wind it around a tree, a stair railing or a fence? Many of Biltema's strings of lights are expandable: you just adjust the length as needed.

If you want to create an impressive setting, a string of lights is really recommended. Why not frame the house, garage or balcony and spread Christmas cheer to everyone who passes? 

Christmas lights for indoor or outdoor use?

Always check your Christmas lights to make sure whether they are for use indoors or outdoors. There are many strings of lights that can be used both indoors and outdoors, but some of the indoor lights should not be used outdoors as they are often made of moisture and frost-sensitive material. So you should read the lighting instructions carefully before putting them up and plugging them in.

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Inspiration for the Christmas lights

It's not always easy to know how to use Christmas lights to create that magical Christmas feeling. We have put together some tips and inspiration for you, so that you can light up the Christmas darkness.

Christmas lights with Biltema

Vanliga frågor om julbelysning utomhus

When is it time to put up the Christmas lights?

Many people put up their Christmas lights around the first day of advent. But it can be cosy to put up outdoor lights even before this, when it starts to get dark earlier in the evenings.

How to set up Christmas lights on the house?

That depends on what the house and façade are like. For example, you can use screw hooks, crimpers or cable ties.