Christmas lights indoors

Buying guide for Christmas lights indoors - lights that create a Christmas atmosphere

Twinkling lights in windows and rooms create a Christmas atmosphere and a homely feel. Whether you are looking for classic advent candlesticks or advent stars, you will find what you’re looking for with us at Biltema.

Christmas lights for the Christmas tree        

Without lights, the Christmas tree feels naked. If you are traditionally minded, we recommend a string of electric imitation candles that you attach to the branches of the tree. If you prefer a more modern version, Christmas tree lights made up of strings of lights is an excellent choice.

Get in the Christmas spirit with advent candlesticks and stars

Classic advent candlesticks and stars never go out of date. They fit perfectly in the window where they spread a soft light throughout the room. It couldn't get any cosier than that.

Warm white, cold white or multicoloured Christmas lights?

Do you like a crisp, cold shade of white or the more muted, warm white version? White lights are the most traditional, but there is nothing to say that you can’t create a beautiful explosion of colour with multicoloured lamps. Choose the shade that suits you and your personality best.

Safety first – Christmas lights for indoor or outdoor use

When choosing Christmas lights, don’t forget to check whether they are for use indoors or outdoors. These days, there are many strings of lights that can be used both indoors and outdoors, but there are still some Christmas lights that can only be used indoors. These Christmas lights are often made of material that is sensitive to moisture and frost.

Don’t know exactly what to give as Christmas presents?

Buy a much appreciated gift card and let your nearest and dearest find their Christmas presents in our exciting range. This way, you always give a Christmas present that someone really wants.

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Inspiration for the Christmas lights

It's not always easy to know how to use Christmas lights to create that magical Christmas feeling. We have put together some tips and inspiration for you, so that you can light up the Christmas darkness.

Christmas lights with Biltema

Vanliga frågor om julbelysning inomhus

När ska man sätta upp och ta ner julbelysning?

Du får sätta upp och ta ner din julbelysning när du vill. De flesta sätter upp sin julbelysning första advent, men det finns inget som säger att du inte kan börja redan i november.