Christmas trees

Buying guide for Christmas trees - get into the Christmas spirit with a lifelike Christmas tree

Some people choose to buy plastic Christmas trees for simplicity, while others buy a plastic tree because of allergies. Whatever the reason, you can get into the Christmas spirit with a beautiful and lifelike Christmas tree from Biltema. But what should you consider when choosing a plastic tree?

Allergy-friendly Christmas trees that don't drop needles

There are many advantages to plastic Christmas trees – they are allergy-friendly, don’t drop needles and are easy to put up and take down. They can also be used year after year, which means that in the long run you can save hundreds of kronor.

The height and width of the Christmas tree

Where are you going to put the tree? What does the space look like? Plastic Christmas trees come in different shapes and sizes, which means you are guaranteed to find a tree that suits you and your home. A small Christmas tree fits perfectly in almost any home. Why not put it in the window, on the hall bench or dining table? Standard-sized Christmas trees are about the same size as real Christmas trees and therefore require a little more space. As well as the height of the Christmas tree, you should also consider its width. Sometimes a narrower Christmas tree might fit better than a wide one.

The appearance of the needles

Something that is often forgotten when standing in the shop and choosing between the different plastic trees is the needles. They can either be made to look as lifelike as possible or be made to have a unique appearance. The needles therefore have different appearances depending on what they are meant to look like. For example, they can be made of soft or hard plastic, be long or short, round or pointed. The most lifelike Christmas trees have needles made of slightly harder plastic.

Pre-fitted LED lights or not

By choosing a plastic Christmas tree with pre-fitted LED lights, you can save valuable time. You simply don't have to run around the shop looking for the perfect lighting. The LED lights are fitted on the Christmas tree and the wires have been wrapped around the branches so as to take up as little space as possible. You can, of course, buy a plastic tree without pre-fitted lights and decide for yourself what the lighting of the Christmas tree should look like.

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Inspiration for the Christmas tree

An artificial tree has many advantages. We love Christmas trees and are happy to tell you more about them!

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FAQs about artificial Christmas trees

How do you put up a plastic tree?

Putting a plastic tree together isn't as difficult as you might think. There are assembly instructions that you can easily follow in or on the package.

Can you have plastic trees outside?

Some plastic trees are perfect for outdoor use. You can read what applies to the different Christmas trees on the packaging.