Buying guide for cat accessories - fun and practical gadgets for your cat

Should you buy a cat? There is a lot to prepare before the cat moves in. So that you do not forget anything, here are some tips on cat accessories that are good to have at home so that both you and the cat have a good start to life together. 

Six cat accessories you should have at home 

Pet carrier 

Even before you are going to pick up the cat, you should have a transport crate ready. Preferably choose a stable cat carrier that can be used throughout the cat's life. The carrier can also function as a resting place in the home. In this way the cat gets used to the transport crate early and learns that the carrier is a place for rest. This makes the cat feel more secure during subsequent transportation. 

Food and water bowls 

Before the cat moves in, you need to have food and water bowls ready. Preferably buy bowls that last a long time and can be washed in a dishwasher. 

Litter box 

Regardless of whether your cat is an outdoor cat or indoor cat, you should have a litter tray in the home. Cats like to cover up their faeces, therefore you need to fill the box with cat sand or cat litter, otherwise there is a likelihood that the cat will relieve itself in more inappropriate places. Do not forget to buy a scoop to clean the tray out with. 

Collar or harness and lead 

If your cat is going to be out all year round, it may be a good idea to buy a collar for the cat. Preferably choose a collar with a safety buckle or elastic. In this way, the cat will not be hanged if it gets stuck on a branch or similar. If you plan to have an indoor cat, but want to be able to take the cat out sometimes, it may be good to have a harness and lead. 

Scratching mats and boards 

To avoid torn furniture, the scratching board should be in place as early as day one. The cat then uses the scratching board to mark its territory and keep its claws trim, not your favourite armchair. How many scratching boards you should buy depends on how big your home is. Many cats appreciate cat trees where they can both climb and sharpen their claws. 


Cats need to play in order to develop socially, physically and intellectually. There must therefore be something that the cat can play with both on their own and together with you. We recommend that you monitor the cat when it is playing so that you can intervene if an accident occurs. 

Frequently asked questions about cat accessories

What cat accessories do you need?

You will need, above all, a transport crate, food and water bowls, a litter tray, scratching board, toys and a collar or harness and lead. 

How to choose cat accessories?

It depends on what you are after. Usually you start from the cat's age, size or personality. 

What do cat accessories cost?

At Biltema you will find cat accessories from SEK 14.90 to SEK 799.