Fishing equipment for angling enthusiasts

Buyer’s guide to fishing tackle – choose the right fishing tackle for your fishing trip

Fishing is a great way to spend time with people you care about. Fishing is peaceful and relaxing – and you can catch your own dinner. But before you go fishing, you need to equip yourself with the right fishing tackle. Here we go through what fishing tackle you as a novice angler should have on your fishing trip.

All the fishing gear you need for a successful fishing trip

If you’re new to the wonderful world of fishing, it can be hard to find the right fishing tackle. There is lots of different fishing tackle to choose from. Some examples are fishing rods, fishing lures, fishing nets and catch cages. All these products have unique properties that contribute to a better fishing experience.

Anglers and experienced fishermen have a habit of bringing a tackle box filled with various fishing gear. As a novice, however, it can feel like a jungle when choosing between different kinds of fishing tackle.

Depending on what you are going to fish and the method you will use, you may need some of the following:

  • Fishing rod to attach the fishing line to and to hold while fishing.
  • Fishing line to attach the hook to.
  • Fishing hook to catch fish.
  • Bait or lures that attract the fish to the hook.
  • Float for keeping the lure afloat closer to the surface of the water and lets you see when a fish bites.
  • Sinker for getting bait and lightweight hooks to sink deeper into the water.
  • Tackle box to store all your fishing gear. In this box you store all your new hooks, sinkers, lures, etc. The tackle box makes it easier to transport your fishing tackle and to keep it all organised.

Fishing tackle for saltwater or freshwater fishing

You should choose fishing tackle according to the type of fishing you want to do, but also according to the type of water.

Fishing gear designed for use in salt water can withstand the corrosion of salt water. It is also for larger fish that are stronger than freshwater fish. Therefore, you should not use freshwater fishing tackle in salt water.

Frequently asked questions about fishing

What fishing gear do I need?

You should choose fishing tackle based on the type of fishing you want to do.

Is there special fishing tackle for freshwater and saltwater fishing?

Yes, saltwater fishing tackle is made for larger and stronger fish. It can also withstand the corrosion of salt water.

How much does fishing gear cost?

In Biltema’s stores you can buy fishing tackle from as low as SEK 15.90.