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Biltema now has a wide new range of gaming equipment. You can view the range here on and in all our stores.

Gaming encompasses many things. It includes playing video games at amateur level by yourself, online or with your friends – just like at ’90s LAN parties. Gaming is also a serious e-sport, which requires many hours of practice to get really good.
No matter your need or level of ambition, or if you work from home, you can now find great gaming equipment and gaming accessories at Biltema. We have equipment to cover most needs a family may have when it comes to gaming equipment. Here at Biltema you will find a complete range of high-quality products at a low price.


Wide range of gaming equipment - We have i.a. three sizes of mouse pads, a keyboard and a gaming mouse.

Don’t ignore ergonomics when buying equipment

Gaming chair

Our customers have been asking for a gaming chair in our range for a long time, and now it is here.
Humans have not evolved to sit down for extended periods, which is exactly what you do when you play games and work for many hours in front of a computer.
A gaming chair is the perfect gaming accessory for those who want to sit comfortably and for long hours in front of the computer/monitor. It helps you to stay focused and perform at your best, no matter how long you sit in front of your computer. Our gaming chair works well for both purposes – and it comes at an affordable price.
Feel free to try out our gaming chair and its features in store when you visit us. It can be adjusted to suit you and the comfort you want for your well-being.

Mouse pads and gaming mice

It is extremely important to feel comfortable when playing or working in front of the computer at home, and a good mouse pad plays a big role in this. We have added two soft mouse pads with RGB lighting to our range. A square version and an extra-wide mouse pad, both with edge lighting.
The gaming mouse is optical and wired. It provides a good grip and has adjustable 6-step resolution. This allows you to choose the pointer speed that suits you. (DPI 200-7200).


The hunt for new gaming equipment often starts with a new keyboard. Our wired gaming keyboard has adjustable lighting and is compatible with all past and present Windows operating systems on the market. In other words, you can use our keyboard even if you are still using Windows XP.

Gaming equipment for the whole family

Once you have searched online to see what gaming equipment you need in the family, get a good deal by buying the equipment at Biltema. Meet your whole family’s need for high comfort, so that the equipment is suitable for both active young people and children who want to play online, as well as parents working from home and who attend meetings and work digitally.
The idea behind the range is to offer our customers gaming equipment that is suitable everyone from the 8-year-old who will be playing computer games for the first time and the more serious gamer needing equipment that meets high expectations to mothers and fathers who work from home.
So explore the worlds of e-sports with the help of Biltema’s gaming range. Be curious with your children and turn it into a social activity and bonding experience for the whole family. Visit our stores or browse our range online!

5 quick tips on gaming and digital presence for parents:

  • Hang out with your kids – and try to play yourself.
    Games are not just for children and youngsters. Many of the games automatically adapt to your level. So join in on the gaming! Engaged parents are important for the well-being of children and young people.

A good idea...

Make sure to set up all computers in a shared space, i.e. no computers in bedrooms. This will allow you as a parent to know what the children are doing, what they are playing, and especially if they stay up all night playing computer games.

  • Promotes the skills of tomorrow
    Children today are moving towards a different future than their parents. Computer skills are high among gamers.
  • E-sports are social
    Games are a social activity where you practise and compete with your team, which is made up of your friends. You are not alone.
  • Rules for gaming
    Before a gaming session, you should agree on when and for how long it is OK to play. Combine e-sports with physical activities. One does not preclude the other.
    Playing games or getting stuck behind a computer should never take time from homework – homework is always a higher priority than gaming.
  • Age restrictions are good
    Pan European Game Information(PEGI) is a rating system for setting age restrictions on computer games, and we recommend that you adhere to these ratings.


Also rememeber...

In addition to existing recommendations in the video game industry, as a parent you can get involved and learn about your child’s gaming habits by playing the games with your child or by being nearby, just to make sure you know what your child is playing.

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