Floodlights for boat and deck lighting

Lights may often be needed on board when sailing in the dark. Both as work lighting or to light up where you are sailing.

It is good to have work and deck lighting that makes it easier to move around on deck. Then you can find your Biltema socket wrench when you drop it! It is also easier to see where you are treading when you may not have quite managed to coil the mainsheet properly.

In this article, we focus on searchlights and LED floodlights that have the power to light up the water and ensure proper visibility when you pass through narrow harbour entrances or if you have lost items or a worse scenario - like a person who has fallen overboard.

LED floodlights and ship lights have many benefits

When choosing a deck light, you should look for products with waterproof LED light sources, as these have many advantages over regular bulbs. First of all, power consumption on board is significantly lower and the boat's battery is not discharged as much; also the LEDs have a longer life.

Do you want lighting in the boat and to spare your eyes when sailing at night?

When sailing at night, a deck light or interior light can be an advantage if it is not too bright. In the picture below, a blue LED light is mounted both starboard and port. The lights in the picture are positioned so that they do not dazzle too much. So consider the positioning of your lights on board.
Your night vision must have as much help as possible when sailing at night.


Work lighting on deck

When you need a lot of light on board, you should position the light high so as to illuminate larger areas. Choose work lamps that have angle brackets so you have as many options as possible for adjusting the lights as needed.


Work lighting on your boat - The picture shows a waterproof installation; perfect for the maritime environment.


Placement of work lights - Position deck and work lamps high so that they are as protected as possible from the sea water. Salt may well reduce the effectiveness of the lamps.

Remember long-distance floodlights on board

The switch from normal bulbs to LED lights has made it possible to have stronger lights on the boat so that it is easier to navigate in lower visibility. Fixed and non-adjustable floodlights can be supplemented with a handheld floodlight, which has many applications in many situations on board.

Handheld floodlight and searchlight

A handheld floodlight is a really good solution if you just need a mobile light source on board, or do not have any great need for the large work lights. Or as a good addition to your fully lit boat.

Search lights

One of our search lights, the one on the picture, has an output of 120 lumens and a range of approximately 300 metres.

Our range of search lights for boats

Installation of work lights

Most work lamps and LED floodlights today can be connected directly to a switch of good quality, and it is therefore not necessary to connect via a relay. However, if there are several lamps that need to be connected at the touch of a button, it is a good idea to connect an auxiliary relay so that the load is not too great. Remember a suitable thickness of cable and also that there must be a fuse on the circuit, preferably as close to the battery as possible.

If you have your own boat, you can certainly work with electricity on board as it is low voltage, but do it properly and make sure, among other things, to connect fuses and use the right size cables, so that you make a safe installation.


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It's nice to have some good floodlighting on the boat - even when it's on land.

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