More Speed and Fun on the Water!

Lazing on the beach and reading a book under a beach umbrella definitely has its charms. But not much beats a fast-paced day of water sports and activities!

Water sports can always be adapted to whoever is taking part, which means the whole family can enjoy speed and water together.

SUP – Stand Up Paddle Board

An inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) means you can take it with you almost anywhere. No matter if you are going to the beach, out on the boat, or visiting a secluded lake, the board fits easily into your bag.  Inflate the SUP when you arrive, and you’ll be ready for fast-paced and amazing adventures on the water.


Vary paddling

It’s up to you whether you want to stand up while paddling or sit on your knees or rear.
Choose whichever suits your balancing skills! Have you got full control of your balance? Try doing some yoga exercises on the board – we can almost guarantee that this will be a challenge!

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Kayaking is another fun activity that can be enjoyed on the water. Imagine gliding weightlessly and silently across crystal-clear water – doesn’t that sound enticing? If you are looking for a little more speed and adventure, you can take your kayak on faster rapids and paddle along streams. Just make sure to always wear your life jacket when going out on the water.


Kayaking with friends

Go kayaking alone or with friends, pack some food into a bag and lash it to your kayak. Then you can stop somewhere peaceful to eat dinner. Or perhaps even camp for the night.

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Tubing behind a boat

Do you have a boat? Congratulations! Does your boat have a strong enough engine to pull a tube behind you? Double congratulations! Because what’s more fun than tubing behind a boat? Probably nothing!
Tubing is an activity that most people can enjoy since it’s up to you how fast you want to go. Just make sure you have lots of space and that there are no other boats nearby when tubing. And don’t forget your life jacket!


Speed and adventure on a tube

Vary the speed and driving style of the boat to control the speed of the tube.
With a two-seater tube you can share the ride with someone. Because like they say: shared joy is a double joy.

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A wakeboard is best described as a mix between a snowboard and a water ski. There are different models of wakeboards, which can be used for different things. For instance, on a kneeboard you sit on your knees on the board and either ride behind a boat or ride the waves. It’s easier to balance on a kneeboard than a regular wakeboard on which you stand up. Prefer not going into deep water? Then you should try skimboarding. Skimboards are made of plywood and you surf them along the water at the shoreline by running and jumping onto them.

Surf in shallow water 

With a wakeboard you can surf in shallow water, which makes it perfect for the children to start with in order to learn to keep their balance and try out surfing.

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Safety on the water!

Remember that safety always comes first on the water! Don’t venture into deep water unless you are an experienced swimmer. Always wear a life jacket and preferably go with a friend, so that you can help each other if necessary. It’s also a good idea to bring along a waterproof duffel bag in which you can store your mobile phone and other items you may need out on the water. That way, you can always call for help. 

Water safety:

  • Never venture into deep water on your own
  • Make sure you are a good swimmer
  • Wear a life jacket
  • Bring your mobile phone along in a waterproof duffel bag
  • Always let someone know where you’re going when you go out on the water


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