Garden Projects for DIY Enthusiasts

Garden Projects for DIY Enthusiasts

When the days get warmer and spring arrives, many of us yearn to get out into our gardens. No matter the size of your garden, there are many fun and green projects to take on. So organise your creative ideas and make your garden dreams a reality – and our products will help you make this possible!

Growing and planting

Green buds and flowers that begin to emerge from the soil are some of the glorious signs that spring is in the air, and what better way than to start planting in the garden? Maybe you will have homegrown tomatoes in your salads this summer?

In the article below you can read our top tips for successful tomato growing.
Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Grow Box

No space for a big garden patch? Then the solution may be a smart grow box, which allows you to grow vegetables and greens on your terrace or balcony.

In the article below, we share tips on how to best use your grow box.
The cultivation box – a miniature garden land


We also want to tell you about our guide on how you can easily begin composting in your garden, because surely you would prefer to be self-sufficient when it comes to the soil and nutrition your crops need? And also do a good thing for the environment!

How to start composting

Planting and socialising in your greenhouse

Invest in a cosy and pleasant greenhouse that the whole family can use to grow things and hang out. An abundance of plants or cosy dinners with friends and family – you’re only limited by your imagination.

We share a simple guide on how to assemble our greenhouse, as well as a guide on how to decorate it and create that WOW feeling in your greenhouse. Find out in the links below.
How to Assemble Your Greenhouse
How to Create a WOW Feeling in Your Greenhouse

Social spaces with wooden decking

Creating spaces in the garden to spend time with your friends and family is never a bad investment. Perhaps you’re thinking of building a climate-smart wooden patio where you can enjoy a hot breakfast?

Painting exteriors

Perhaps you’re longing to give your home exterior a new colour? Or does the paint need some freshening up? The most important thing before starting to paint is to do thorough preparatory work to ensure your painting lasts a long time. But what should you consider during the preparatory work? And what products and equipment do you need?

In our guide on outdoor painting you will find everything you need for a successful project!

6 colourful tips for outdoor painting

Good luck!