Guide: Get a tree swing for your garden

Guide: Get a tree swing for your garden

Do you dream of creating a fun play area in your garden? Then you should set up a tree swing in the backyard. But how can you do so, and what should you consider when starting the project? We’ll help you with that here, so you can get your garden ready for lots of play and fun.

Set up a tree swing in the backyard

If you want to create a fun and exciting play area for children, then setting up a tree swing in your garden is the perfect solution. It’s an easy way to turn the tree into a hub for play and hours of fun. However, to set up a tree swing, you must have a tree that:

  • is not surrounded by flowers and shrubs
  • is strong enough to carry a swing
  • has an optimal height for a swing

If you have a tree that meets the requirements, then there are several options for mounting the tree swing.

Buy a tree swing from Biltema

Would you like to set up a tree swing in your garden? At Biltema you will find a selection of swings that can turn your garden into a play paradise for children. The swings are sturdy and safe, and they are designed for mounting directly onto a tree in the garden.

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At Biltema you will also find the necessary accessories for the project. We have rop  and swing hooks, which can be used when mounting the swing.

Build your own tree swing

If you are good with your hands, you can build your own tree swing. And it’s really not that difficult. It just takes a little ingenuity and creativity.

Use an old car tyre or a piece of wood

An old car tyre can be turned into a swing that children will enjoy a lot. It is both durable and comfortable. To make a tree swing out of a car tyre, make sure the tyre is clean and that there are no sharp edges or objects.

If you don’t have an old car tyre lying around, you can also use a plank or piece of timber as a tree swing for your garden. You just need to make sure the wood is large enough to sit on and that it is sanded smoothly to avoid splinters and other injuries.

You are only limited by your imagination! But whichever solution you choose, you must ensure that the swing is strong enough to support the weight of swinging children – or adults.

How to mount a tree swing in your garden

Setting up a tree swing in your garden requires good preparation and the right procedure – whether you bought the swing or made one out of a car tyre or a piece of wood.

We have compiled a step-by-step guide to setting up a safe and durable swing at home.

1. Choose the right spot

First and foremost, you need to find the right tree to hang the swing. The wood should be sturdy and without any signs of rot. The branch must also be strong enough to bear the weight of a person.

Besides for the tree, you must also consider the swing arc, because there must be plenty of space around the swing so that children can swing back and forth. There should be at least 3-4 metres both in front of and behind the swing. Having enough space will ensure that children do not bump into anything when they swing.

You also need to think about the surface underneath the swing. Is it tiled or grass? A soft lawn is optimal, because it will provide a soft landing if you should fall off the swing. You can also choose to put sand under the swing for extra safety.

Tip: If you have the space in the garden and if the tree is sturdy enough, you can even set up two tree swings in your garden. That way two children can enjoy the play area at the same time. It’s a great idea for siblings or when friends come over.

2. Secure the swing

The next step is to secure the swing to the tree you have chosen. You can use a strong rope or chain to hang the swing from the branch. or a set of straps that can be wrapped around the branch. You can screw use a pair of strong swing hooks directly into the tree for attaching the chains or ropes.

Whichever solution you choose, it is important that you adjust the height of the swing so that it is suitable and provides maximum seating comfort. You choose which method suits your project. But you must be absolutely sure that it is a durable solution that can hold the weight.

3. Ensure safety

Once you have mounted the tree swing, you must ensure that it is safe to use. For example, you can pull the swing down and sideways or sit on it to make sure it is firmly attached to the branch.

Don’t have a tree? Get a swing set for your garden

If you don’t have a large tree in your garden suitable for a swing, you can get a swing set. It’s an easy and practical solution, and the swing set is guaranteed to be hit with your children.

Swing sets come in different versions and sizes, and one of the great advantages of a swing set is that they allow you to create several play areas – for example, multiple swings or a combination structure.

Setting up a swing set is usually simple, depending on the type of swing set. It requires a bit more work and investment than just setting up a single tree swing, but it is a good solution if you do not have a large and strong tree in your garden.

See all our swing sets here

Regularly check up on swing safety

It’s important that you regularly check up on safety – whether you’ve set up a single tree swing in your garden or have a full swing set. By doing so, you can ensure that your children will play safely. If you move into a new home that already has a swing set, or if you hang a tree swing in the garden, you must also ensure that everything is as it should be before the children start playing.

We’ve put together a few tips on what you may want to check if you have a swing set at home:

  • You should tighten and secure nuts and bolts regularly. They can easily loosen if your children use the swing often. Therefore, make sure to check that everything is tight and secure.
  • Also make sure that the swing set is not standing on loose and rocky ground. You can test it by pulling, pushing and pressing the stand to make sure it is stable and secure.
  • If the swing set is made of wood, it is important that you check the condition of the wood. If the wood has rot, it must be replaced.

We have also put together a few tips on what you should check if you have mounted a tree swing in your garden:

  • First and foremost, you must regularly check the durability of the tree branch to which the swing is attached. If the branch shows signs of rot, the swing is no longer safe to use.
  • It is also important to ensure that the ropes, chains, or swing hooks are in good condition. If the wood is fine, but your mounting solution seems unstable, you may need to replace the materials.
  • If you have made a swing out of a car tyre or a wooden board, you should regularly check the condition. Is the board still fine or has rot crept in?

By regularly checking up on the safety of the swing set or tree swing, children can play safely and enjoy many hours of fun in the garden.


Enjoy garden life from a hammock

If your children have a tree swing and you also want to enjoy the garden, then you should invest in a hammock. You can relax after a long day, read a good book, take a nap, or just enjoy the silence of the garden. In fact, both big and small children also love a hammock.

You can mount a hammock in several different ways. If you have a strong tree in your garden, you can hang it between two branches. If you don’t have a suitable tree, you can buy a stand designed to hold the hammock. The stand makes it easy for you to move the hammock to follow the sun or shade.

No matter if you have a hammock in a tree or on a stand, you can easily remove the hammock when winter arrives so that it does not degrade in the harsh weather. Does that sound like something for you?

See all our hammocks here

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