MultiX – One Battery, Many Possibilities

MultiX – One Battery, Many Possibilities

Being able to use the same battery for multiple tools and machines saves you both time and money. It means that, in the future, you won’t need to buy entire kits containing both tools and batteries every time you need to expand your toolbox. With our MultiX series, you use the same battery for all the different tools and machines in each series. Plus, you don’t have to remember to charge all your different tools, because as long as the batteries are charged, your machines will work!

We all know that there are always a multitude of projects around the house and garden, and they are sometimes very different. You may be assembling furniture one minute, and then trimming the hedges the next. Or maybe you’re out in the garden mowing the lawn and then blowing away fallen leaves?

With our MultiX series you can easily use the same battery for all machines and tools in the same series. The batteries are lightweight, compact and have a long service life. The difference between our series is the size of the batteries, which are either 18V or 36V, with both 18V series using a common battery, whereas the 36V series has its own battery.

Our MultiX series:

  • 18V
  • 18V Pro Series
  • 36V

Efficient gardening

Lightweight and practical tools are important for good gardening, and – above all – for it to be fun! With our MultiX series, you can use several different garden tools with a single battery, which means you can easily switch between your different gardening tasks. One of the major advantages is that you don’t have to worry about cords, because all tools and machines are battery-powered and cordless!

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For bigger gardening jobs, the MultiX 36V series is the most useful, since it includes machines for all your garden needs.

The powerful battery can be used for the lawnmower, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, leaf blower, grass trimmer and more. Do you live in an area that gets a lot of snow in the winter? Then you can connect your battery to an effective snow shovel as well.
Explore all the products in our MultiX 36V series.

DIY carpentry

Will you be building a wooden bookcase or similar at home? Or will you be sawing wood for your deck? No matter if you’re building a wooden go-kart for your child or installing cabinets in the kitchen, let the machines in our MultiX series help you do the job efficiently. And best of all? They all use the same high-quality battery, which you can easily charge and use in all machines in the same series.

Our MultiX series 18V and 18V Pro Series contain the machines that are best suited for DIY carpentry. The two series share a battery, which means you are able to use the same battery for the 18V series and 18V Pro Series machines.

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The lightweight battery ensures that the tools are easy to work with and not too heavy and unwieldy. And a great advantage here, too, is that there are no cords that risk being damaged if they get in the way of your work.

In the series you will find the carpenter’s favourites such as a power screwdriver, rotary hammer, circular saw, sander, angle grinder, heat gun and many more. It is a series that contains essentially everything you need for DIY carpentry and construction projects at home!

Explore all the products in our Multix 18V series.

Explore all the products in our Multix 18V Pro Series.

So, no matter if you’ll be working in the garden or doing carpentry indoors, the tools in the MultiX series will make the job easier. With one battery for so many tools, could it be any simpler? And, above all, more fun!