Grow on the balcony – A green city oasis

Grow on the balcony – A green city oasis

Don’t let the absence of a garden prevent you from creating a green oasis, full of plants and greenery. As long as you have a balcony you can also enjoy freshly harvested and locally grown! It’s important to make good use of every square metre on your balcony by planning well and having the right type of furnishings. Do you want to start growing? No problem! You can grow most things on a balcony!

Good to know

Before you start growing on your balcony, it may be a good idea to check what rules apply in your apartment building. For example, there are often rules about whether you may put up balcony boxes on the outside of the balcony railing. Also keep in mind that soil in large boxes or pots can become very heavy, so check to make sure your balcony can handle the weight. In addition, we advise you not to put pots directly on the concrete floor, as the moisture from the soil can leave marks. Instead, place neat wooden decking on the floor, which offers protection and creates a cosy impression. 
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What can I grow on my balcony?

There are plenty of plants and vegetables you can grow on a balcony, and as long as you water them sufficiently and know how much sunlight the plants need, you will be able to enjoy homegrown vegetables in your salads. 


3 vegetables you can grow on a balcony:

  1. Tomatoes
    Bush tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are ideal for balconies, since the plants don’t grow very tall. Keep an eye on the plant and if it starts to droop, it needs more water. At Biltema you will find practical tomato pots that have watering holes as well as support stakes for the plant.
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  2. Peppers and chillies
    If you want to plant pepper and chillies, you should seed them indoors first at the beginning of the year. But you can also buy seedlings, if you prefer. The seedlings should be placed out of direct sunlight and strong winds, as this can damage their leaves. Keep an eye on the soil on hot summer days, because the soil needs to be kept moist.
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  3. Beans and peas
    Beans and peas are quite easy to grow yourself and they thrive best in direct sunlight and well-drained soil. Make sure you know what variety you are buying so that if they need to climb when they grow, you can buy a trellis to place in the pot to help them. Just remember to position your trellis so that it does not cast shadow on your other seedlings.
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Balcony greenhouse

Of course, it’s not only vegetables you can plant out on the balcony, but also flowers and herbs. A hot tip is to buy a small greenhouse in which you can plant Mediterranean herbs, such as lavender, thyme, and rosemary. Herbs do not like to be soaked, so buy a pot that allows the water to drain.


Furnish your balcony

A mistake that many people make when they want to start growing on the balcony is buying pots that are too small. Remember that plants need a lot of nutrients, water and space to feel their best. If you have a larger balcony, you may even be able to fit in a grow box or grow table.
But in the middle of all the greenery you also want to be able to sit and enjoy your beautiful balcony, right? Furnish your balcony with a practical and stylish café table and chairs, or lounge furniture if you have enough space.

Even if your balcony isn’t big enough for large pots or tables and chairs, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a green and cosy balcony. A balcony table that you attach to the balcony railing is perfect for sitting outside and enjoying a coffee.
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Plus, you can also buy balcony boxes in which you can plant colourful flowers, which leaves room on the balcony floor for furniture.
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When evening descends and you want to sit out on the balcony and admire the view or smell your plants, lighting always creates a cosy atmosphere. Frame your balcony with a string light, which sets the mood instantly.


One factor that also elevates the cosy atmosphere instantly is laying wooden decking or floor tiles on the balcony. In addition to protecting the concrete floor from marks, it creates a warmer and more homely feel.
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A balcony is no excuse to not use your green fingers! The balcony has an enormous amount of potential when it comes to growing and is easy to make both homely and green. So go out and create your own, green oasis.