Pollen – reduce inconvenience with the right cleaning tips

Pollen – reduce inconvenience with the right cleaning tips

Colourfully blooming flower beds, lush green parks and warm sunshine. It is a time of joy for many, but an allergy nightmare for others.

Pollen allergies can be really troublesome and annoying symptoms can quickly dampen the joy of the blooming season. It can of course be both difficult and frustrating to not be able to fully enjoy the season. But there are things you can do yourself at home to reduce your allergy problems.

1. Use an air purifier

An air purifier significantly improves your indoor air and helps lower particle levels in the air, making the air easier to breathe if you have a pollen allergy. In our range you will find two different air purifiers, one that is adapted for 8–10 m² and one for 20–22 m². Our air purifiers are perfect to place in the bedroom, living room or children's playroom. The round design with 360° air intake means they can be easily placed anywhere in the room without impairing performance.


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2. Clean properly

Of course, it is important to clean the home properly and regularly during the pollen season. It can be an advantage to use a vacuum cleaner with a particulate filter (HEPA filter) when vacuuming, as well as changing the vacuum cleaner bag a little more frequently. After vacuuming, it is a good idea to damp mop the floors and damp wipe other surfaces in the home where pollen and dust can quickly accumulate. Another tip is to regularly shake out your rugs and other textiles.

1. Do not take pollen home with you

Pollen easily sticks to your hair and clothes when you are outside. Therefore, get in the habit of changing your clothes when you step inside the door, as well as rinsing your hair under the shower. This way, you do not risk the allergens getting into your bedding, the sofa or in the clothes you have hanging in the closet. Also, remember to wash your clothes more often during the pollen season.

2. Put ornaments away

We know that ornaments in the home quickly accumulate dust and pollen. Therefore, it is an advantage if you can put as many ornaments as possible away during the pollen season.

3. Close windows and doors

When the levels of pollen are high, you may need to close both the windows and doors at home. Often the levels of pollen drop slightly during the night, so if you need to air the house, it can better to do this at night.

Checklist – reduce pollen allergy symptoms at home

  • Use an air purifier in the bedroom.
  • Change the sheets often.
  • Vacuum and damp mop the floors regularly.
  • Damp wipe surfaces frequently.
  • Change clothes when you have been outdoors and then wash them.
  • Wash your hair when you get home.
  • Avoid contact with fur animals that have been outdoors.

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