The Barbeque Season Knows No Bounds

The Barbeque Season Knows No Bounds

Barbeque is not just reserved for the summer months. It’s possible to grill all year round – even if the food is enjoyed inside.

For some, Barbeque is an easy and quick way to make dinner. For others, Barbeque is more of a gastronomic art or a lifestyle that family and friends are an essential part of. Regardless of the motive, more and more Danes are lighting up the grill when cooking – especially now that electricity prices are so high.

Danes prefer to grill sausages and use skewers to grill different meats and food. When Barbeque in the winter, it can be a good idea to opt for a menu that doesn’t require you to stand outside too long in the cold to cook the food. For example, you can cook simmering dishes in a cast iron skillet or a bake a pizza on a pizza stone. It’s just a matter of using your creativity, taking advantage of seasonal ingredients, and seeing opportunities in the flavours offered by Barbeque.

Equipment for your year-round Barbeque season:

Every day is a grill day with a gas grill

With a solid and quick-starting gas grill, you can grill all year round. Consider a wheeled grill so you can easily place it somewhere else when not in use. NOTE! Gas regulator and hose sold separately.

Have the right Barbeque equipment

You can’t grill without proper Barbeque utensils. Look for a set with multiple utensils, such as a spatula, fork, and stainless steel tongs – perfect for moving your food around the grill.


Grill table for the outdoor kitchen? - Get a potting table and place it next to your grill. Then you’ll have space to prep the food and serve it.

Put your cooking in neutral

For simmering dishes, you need a robust cooking pot – and delicious ingredients. Biltema’s pot, which you will find below, can withstand high temperatures and is therefore suitable for cooking on a grill.

Crispy and airy base

A pizza stone gives you the feel of a pizza baked in a stone oven. Our pizza stones withstand temperatures up to 900 °C and can be placed directly on the grill. NOTE! For charcoal/gas grills only.

Avoid burning your hands

The pizza peel is an indispensable utensil when you want to move your home-grilled pizza from the hot pizza stone to the dinner table. It’s easy to handle and doesn’t require much storage space when folded.

Get rid of dirt and grime with a grill cleaner

By cleaning and maintaining your grill and grill grate, you help extend their service life. It’s best to use a grill cleaner that effectively removes grease, soot, and burn marks.

The grill brush is your friend

After you’ve eaten your delicious grilled food, clean the grate with a grill brush. This ensures that the grate is kept properly clean and that the food does not burn when you grill the next time.

Browse Biltema’s entire range of Barbeque equipment and accessories in one place. We hope you have a great grill season – all year round.

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