Tips that creates order at home

Has the mess taken over at home and are you tired of having to look for things every time you need to use them? Here are some practical solutions for a more orderly everyday life!

Sorting. Therapy for some, a necessary evil for others. Fortunately, there are a number of different solutions that make sorting and organizing smoother and easier.

Storage boxes

We have a large selection of storage boxes that are perfect when you need to organize and create order.

Get smart storage boxes with lids in different sizes. You can hide the storage boxes under the bed or in the wardrobe, or stack them on top of each other in the storage room or in the attic. You can also buy collapsible boxes to save space when not in use.

The storage box with a folding lid is also one of our favourites, especially for storing the children's toys in. The box is stylish and also makes it easier for the children to clean up their toys themselves.

Vacuum bags

Another solution that makes storage easier is our vacuum bags where you can easily store clothes or bedding. With the vacuum bags, you save a lot of space, while protecting the clothes against water, odors, mold, dirt and insects. The double zippers and double safety valves of the vacuum bags mean that you can easily close them and suck the air out of them with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Do you want a premium version of the vacuum bag?
Check out our vacuum bag with a storage box in durable canvas with handles on the sides and an inner vacuum bag.

Storage for garden furniture

You can use our storage bag for garden furniture for much more than just storing garden furniture. Many people use, among other things, the storage bag to store the plastic Christmas tree.

Order and organization in the hall

A lot of shoes can quickly accumulate outside in the hall, but luckily this can be organized very easily. Many people want their everyday shoes preferably near the door and easily accessible. The solution to this is a stylish shoe rack that is perfect for wet or dirty shoes.

The shoes and other outdoor garments that you use less often can be stored in the wardrobe. A tip is to get wire baskets or hanging organisers with shelves.
Hanging storage is perfect regardless of whether it is used in the hall, the wardrobe or out in the garage. The hanging storage can fulfill the same function as a wardrobe, but without taking up as much space.



Using regular hangers also saves a lot of space in your storage. Thin hangers allow you to fit more items of clothing, and hangers with a velvet surface ensure that clothes do not slide off the hanger.

And remember: With storage shelves, hangers and hooks, you can get things off the floor and at a perfect height.

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