We have spare parts for your car!

We have spare parts for your car!

Does your car need new brakes or do you need to buy new spark plugs? It can feel like you’re navigating a jungle when trying to find spare parts specific to your car, and we know how you feel! That’s why we have made it easier for you!

Search with your licence plate number

The search field on our website and app lets you enter your car’s licence plate number to view suitable spare parts for your specific car model. Bear in mind that there may be multiple alternatives to those available from Biltema, so it is important to always compare the new product with the old or existing product before replacing a part.

When you search with your licence plate number, you will also receive recommendations for services, which are calculated according to the reported odometer reading, as well as products in the Biltema range for the services. As the driver of the vehicle, you are responsible for keeping up to date with the information contained in the vehicle’s service manual, which describes what should be done and changed during service.

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Biltema Original, which contains our spare parts for vehicles, was founded in 1963, which means we have more than 50 years of experience in high quality spare parts. Our range has grown over the years, and today we offer more than 5,000 spare parts for almost 6,000 different car models.

Through the Biltema Original concept we offer affordable spare parts, which in terms of design, function and quality, correspond to the original parts from the vehicle manufacturer.

All spare parts can also be found in our 180-page Biltema Original catalogue.

Brake parts

Biltema has many different spare parts for your vehicle’s brake system. As we all know, it is vital that the brake system functions as it should, which is why it’s important that you buy high-quality spare parts when you need to replace something.

Vehicle braking systems can be based on different technologies, with mechanical and hydraulic systems being the most common. Passenger cars have a hydraulic system for the service brake and a mechanical parking brake. Both systems contain numerous components, such as brake hydraulics, handbrake cables, brake lines, brake discs  and other wear parts. All these parts, and many more, are necessary for the brake system to work – and we have the spare parts needed!

We’ll also offer a tip! Did you know that it’s quite easy to tell whether your brake pads need to be replaced? When the thickness of the pads reaches 3 millimetres, it’s time for them to be replaced. If you wear them out completely, you may have to buy a brand new brake disc, and this also puts you and other passengers at risk on the roads.

Check out our wide range of spare parts for brake systems

Wiper blades for a clean windscreen

Clean and clear windscreens and headlights are critically important out on the roads, and here at Biltema we have a wide range of spare parts for your wiper equipment. We have wiper pumps, wiper nozzles, wiper blades and a whole lot more for the most common vehicles on the market.

You’ll find our full range of wiper equipment here

Wiper blade – Clear Vision flat blade

Biltema’s Clear Vision wiper blade is an innovative design and optimised for all weather conditions. With a unique adapter system, the wiper blades fit most car models.

Products in the Clear Vision series are made of a graphite-coated synthetic rubber for soft friction, and are equipped with spoiler for unrivalled wind control.

Before fitting your wiper blades, keep in mind that wiper blades on modern cars usually have different lengths on the driver and passenger sides. Therefore, it’s important that you measure the wiper blades before you start fitting them.

Not sure how to fit the wiper blades? Watch our instructional videos to help you fit your wiper blades. A QR code is also printed on our packaging, which you can scan with your phone’s camera and you will be taken directly to the videos.