Biltema donates 90 million SEK to cancer research

Biltema donates 90 million SEK to cancer research

The collaboration between cancer research and patient care is going to be improved. One part of this is Agora, a state-of-the-art cancer center in Swiss Lausanne. There, basic research and patient care is carried out wall to wall. The collaboration is very close and extremely goal oriented.
Published 2019.08.06

Biltema Foundation, Biltema's family foundation for community development, is investing 90 million SEK in this project. The foundation is one of the first and largest funders of the project.

The Agora Cancer Center aims to reduce the boundaries between basic research and patient care. Researchers and doctors meet on a daily basis to find new ways to cure cancer. It is a place where today's problems can meet new ideas and lead to tomorrow's methods and therapies. Several new methods have already been developed, methods that quickly can be introduced in cancer care worldwide.

Agora started their work in the fall of 2018, and now the new methods and therapies are going to be made more efficient, so that more patients can benefit from them. Biltema Foundation follows this project very closely as it is an important piece of the puzzle in the fight against cancer.

Agora is a good example of Biltema Foundation’s work – a concrete project that is run in a serious context and short-sightedly benefits both society and individuals. In total, Biltema Foundation is investing 800 million SEK in various community development projects.

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