Biltema Foundation: Visit to the future building

Biltema Foundation: Visit to the future building

The Biltema Foundation has recently visited the construction site of a state-of-the-art bunker designed to house new equipment for FLASH radiotherapy. This visit marks a significant step in the foundation's commitment to fighting cancer. FLASH therapy, a groundbreaking method for treating cancer, has been developed through research at the Lausanne University Hospital.

Thanks to a total donation of 460 million SEK from the Biltema Foundation, this treatment allows for the delivery of high radiation doses in milliseconds, significantly reducing damage to healthy tissue and eliminating the need for chemotherapy. The construction of the bunker is crucial to the project and will ensure safe and effective use of FLASH therapy. The design and construction of the bunker are being carried out in collaboration with CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory.


Adelina Voci, spokesperson for the Biltema Foundation, stated, 'This groundbreaking treatment has the potential to revolutionize cancer care, and we are committed to finding solutions that improve the lives of those affected.'


About the Biltema Foundation: The Biltema Foundation supports community development projects globally with a focus on sustainability and improving people's lives. The foundation is involved in several charitable areas, including disaster relief and medical research


On Picture: Biltema Foundation's representative Adelina Voci together with Professor Jean Bourhis (Head of Service of radiation oncology)