In our range of Smart Household, you will find articles that both simplifies and makes your everyday life more effective. All products within our range of Smart Households can be controlled from your smartphone, using the Tuya-smart app.


Air Purifier

The air purifier has an effective three-stage filter consisting of a pre-filter, a HEPA 13 filter, and an activated carbon filter. This allows it to purify the air and capture hair, dust, small particles, bacteria, smoke, pollen and other allergens.
Our air purifier can be used at home, in the office or in the cottage. Simply in most places where you need to clean and improve the indoor air. An air purifier that is equipped with a three-stage filter consisting of a pre-filter, HEPA 13 filter and an activated carbon filter, just as our model is, can also remove unwanted odours in your rooms.

Good against pollen allergy

If you are allergic and sometimes have difficulty breathing because the air is full of pollen, for example, an air purifier is a good investment. The air purifier cleans the air of harmful particles and other dust and dirt that you would otherwise inhale.

Smart floor fan

Our fan briefly moves around air in the room, by pushing away the warm air and creating a feeling of wind that cools us down instead. Our smart, standing floor fan has three speeds, so you can easily adapt the fan to your needs. The floor fan rotates and thus spreads coolness throughout the room. Always start from the size of the room, your needs, the fan's ability to set the speed and timer function when you buy a fan.

How to control our air purifier and floor fan

You control our air purifier and smart floor fan either on the touch panel, with remote control or directly from your smartphone with an app called Tuya Smart. In both places you can set the time for when the air purifier and the floor fan should start or switch off.

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Frequently asked questions about Smart Households

1. How do I control my air purifier and fan?

You control the air purifier and fan via the touch panel or directly from your smartphone via the Tuya Smart app.

2. Can I have the air purifier running when I sleep?

Absolutely! If you have problems with bad air or allergies that are affected by the air quality, you can advantageously have your air purifier running even at night. Our air purifier also has a night mode you can use.

3. How often do I need to change filters?

The recommendation is that you change the three-stage filter after 6-8 months.

4. Does the air purifier sound a lot?

The lower the decibel level of the air purifier, the quieter it is. You can choose how much noise the air purifier makes. By turning on the night mode, it becomes quieter and does not disturb you if you are going to sleep in the room.