Smart Air Purifier and Floor Fan

Smart Air Purifier and Floor Fan

Headache, fatigue, allergy or heat. These are often symptoms we get when the air is bad or simply too hot. Bad air affects us differently, but it usually affects us negatively. With an air purifier or fan from Biltema, you effectively improve the indoor air in your home, office or cottage.

We have probably all sat in a room where it feels like the air is running out or in an office where the summer heat has not stopped outside the windows. In urban environments, exhaust and particulate matter levels are often high, which of course has a negative effect on the indoor environment.
In the worst case, it can contribute to an increased risk of asthma or allergies. So, the air we breathe clearly affects us and surely we want to breathe in as clean air as possible then? So do yourself and your family a favour, invest in an air purifier or fan that helps with indoor air - you will not regret it.

How does an air purifier work?

The air purifier has an effective three-stage filter consisting of a pre-filter, a HEPA 13 filter, and an activated carbon filter. This allows it to purify the air and capture hair, dust, small particles, bacteria, smoke, pollen and other allergens. With an air purifier, the air becomes both cleaner and easier to breathe. For the most efficient air purification, you should have the air purifier on in the room where you are most, for example in the bedroom or in the living room. Our air purifier is best suited for rooms between 20-22 m3.

Benefits of an air purifier

  • Purifies the indoor air
  • Reduces allergy problems
  • Quiet night mode
  • Built-in sensor that measures air quality
  • Can be controlled remotely with the app or via the air purifier touch panel

Special modes

Biltema's air purifier has three fan speeds to choose from, so you can adapt the air purifier based on the size of the room it is in. The air purifier is perfect to have in the bedroom because it has a night mode, which makes it quieter. You can also choose to set it in auto mode, then it knows for itself which fan speed is optimal based on the air quality in the room.

Light indicator

Because our air purifier is smart, it has a built-in sensor that measures the air quality in the room and indicates status through various lights. The air purifier also indicates when it is time to change the filter.

  • Blue light means very good air.
  • Green light means good air.
  • Orange light implies unhealthy air.
  • Red light means that the air is dangerous to breathe.

Air purifier for pollen allergy

Do you suffer from nasal congestion, sneezing or itchy eyes due to pollen allergy? Try using an air purifier at home, or in your bedroom and experience the difference between the air you breathe and your reduced pollen problems. The air purifier improves the air you breathe and filters out some of the pollen particles that are in the air. An air purifier also filters out fur allergens, smoke and cooking odours.

Smart floor fan

An effective fan is the saviour in times of need on hot summer days or in stuffy rooms where you need to cool off and ventilate. Have you ever tried to go to bed in a bedroom that’s far too hot and could not fall asleep? Welcome to the club.
Solution for warm rooms is spelled Biltema's smart floor fan!


How does a floor fan work?

Biltema's floor fan is a pillar fan, in the shape of a pillar. A fan moves around air in the room, by pushing away the warm air and creating a feeling of wind that cools us down instead.  Biltema's standing floor fan has three speeds, so you can easily adapt the fan to your needs. The floor fan rotates and thus spreads coolness throughout the room. The Biltema floor fan also has a built-in timer function with 60-minute intervals from 1-8 hours.
Another big plus for the floor fan is that it is efficient to have in a room where people prefer different temperatures, because the airflow can be directed and cool those who need it. A good solution in the office!

Good to think about when you buy a floor fan

  • Based on the size of the room
  • Fan design. Does it fit into the home?
  • Is it equipped with a speed setting?
  • Does it have a timer?

How to control our air purifier and floor fan

You control our air purifier and smart floor fan either on the touch panel, with a remote control or directly from your smartphone with an app called Tuya Smart. In both places you can set the time for when the air purifier and the floor fan should start or switch off.

Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart is an app that works with all the Smart Home products we have at Biltema. With Tuya Smart, you can remotely control your connected smart products, wherever you are. The app is downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.

Read more about Tuya Smart

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