Simplify your everyday projects, both inside and outside, with our MultiX series, where the tools and machines within each series use the same efficient battery.
In our MultiX series you will find batteries, with different voltages, for different tools and applications. What distinguishes our different series is the number of volts in the battery and thus its power and which tools are suitable. The battery can be used for several different tools and machines, within the same series, giving you a completely different flexibility.

Our MultiX models:

  • MultiX Pro Series
  • MultiX 36V
  • MultiX 18V
  • MultiX 10.8V – coming to store in autumn 2021!

A big advantage of the MultiX series is that you avoid the unnecessary costs of constantly buying complete kits, you already have the battery and just need to buy the suitable tool! The MultiX series stands for quality in the form of powerful and efficient batteries and machines. 

Advantages of MultiX:

  • One battery for several tools and machines. You can therefore use the same battery in your hedge trimmer as in your screwdriver.
  • Versatile cordless tools, making it easy for you to work.
  • A cheaper option as you don't have to buy complete kits with tools and battery.
  • Li-ion batteries in the series are compact and lightweight making them perfect for handheld tools and machines 

Frequently asked questions about MultiX

Can you use the same batteries for all tools?

Yes, all machines within each series use the same battery, i.e. the 18V batteries are suitable for both the MultiX 18V and MultiX 18V Pro series, but they do not fit the 36V machines and vice versa.

How long will the MultiX series be in your range?

Our MultiX series and its tools and machines are an area in which we see great development opportunities. It is a range we will work on to further develop in the long term.

How long can I use my MultiX machines and tools

The MultiX series is a series of quality batteries, machines and tools. But the lifespan of the machines depends to a large extent on how they are used and how they are maintained.

How long is the warranty?

You have a 1 year warranty.

How can I extend the life of my batteries?

By maintaining the batteries at least every 6 months and storing them clean and dry, preferably at room temperature. Read the batteries’ manual for more info.

Why is it important that the battery is kept clean?

This will prolong the battery's service life

How long operating time do the batteries have?

The operating time of the battery depends on many factors and is therefore difficult to calculate. This depends, among other things, on the machine used, the Ah of the battery, how the machine is used and what it is used for, the temperature at which the machine is used or the condition of the battery.
If the battery becomes dirty or damp, there may be current leakage, which means increased self-discharge and in the long run a risk of damage to the battery.