Lead accumulators

Our lead accumulators are maintenance-free and valve-regulated. Lead accumulators are useful because they can be used in many different electrical items, and can store a lot of energy. You can use them for flashlights, toys, lawn mowers, emergency lighting, alarm systems, electric fences, feed spreaders and checkout systems, among other things. Lead accumulators are charged with standard car battery chargers or motorcycle chargers 6V / 12V.

Areas of use

Lead accumulators can be used both for cyclic charging and for maintenance charging.

Cyclic charge

Cyclic charging is used when the accumulator is used for large power outlets and for items that need continuous charging and discharging of the battery. It can be, for example, rechargeable toys, mobile phones or golf carts. The lead-acid battery should be recharged immediately after such removal.

Maintenance charge

The maintenance charge is a weaker and slower charge, which is suitable when the accumulator is to be used in the event of an interruption in the ordinary power supply.
If you want your lead accumulator to be constantly ready to start, to be able to be used in an emergency, it should advantageously constantly receive charging. The charging current must then be 5% of the accumulator's capacity value.

Recycle your battery

Consumed lead-acid batteries are considered hazardous waste and must therefore be returned to the recycling center or to the seller of the new battery in order to be recycled properly.
Before you recycle your batteries, we advise you to check the rules and guidelines that exist in your area, regarding the recycling of hazardous waste.