Pools and hot tubs for relaxation and cooling dips

Pool and Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide – bathing, play, and relaxation for the whole family

Here you will find outdoor pools for cooling dips on warm summer days – outdoor pools with or without a steel frame, for play and fun for older children, youths, and adults – the whole family! You will also find hot tubs for relaxing moments. Our pools are of good quality and affordable, and the larger pools come with a water pump.

Important things to consider when you have a pool

  • You must always supervise children when they are in or around the pool, so that no accidents happen.
  • If you have a pool ladder, it is important to remove it when the pool is not in use. This will prevent children and those who cannot swim from entering the pool.
  • Do not drag the pool over the ground, as this may damage the pool or cause other damage.
  • As the owner of an above-ground pool, you have a legal responsibility should anything happen. The pool must therefore be childproof and equipped with a pool cover.

Easy to fit

When setting up your pool, it is important to place it on a flat and level surface. If you have purchased a pool with a metal frame, you must start by assembling the steel frame according to the assembly instructions. If you have bought a pool with inflatable edges, fill these with air first. If the pool has connections for a water pump or a drain valve, these must be plugged with the supplied plugs. After that, you can use a garden hose to fill the pool with water.

Easy to store

As summer reaches its end, it’s time to dismantle the pool for storage during the autumn and winter. First of all, you must empty the pool of water – use the drain valve for this. After that, you must clean the pool before packing and folding it up for storage.

Hot tubs

At Biltema you will find two different types of hot tubs, both of which can accommodate up to six adults. With a hot tub, you and your family can bathe all year round thanks to the pump’s built-in antifreeze – provided that the pump is on and that the tub is used regularly.

With a hot tub pump, you can quickly and easily set up your tub to enjoy warming and massaging air jets through the patented AirJet™ system. Both hot tubs have an easy-to-use and conveniently located control panel. One of the models also has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can easily control the tub remotely with a smartphone to turn on the heating or activate the tub before getting in.