A fresh pool all summer long

Pool Care Buyer’s Guide – buy good pool cleaning products

Pool cleaning and pool care in general are a necessary evil for pool owners. A pool that is properly maintained becomes dirty to swim in and can be harmful to your health. By choosing the right products, you can make pool care a lot easier.

How to find the right pool cleaning and pool care products

When it comes to pool cleaning and pool care, you may need to:

  • Keep the pool clean and fresh. An important part of pool care is keeping the pool clean of various types of debris. You can easily do this with Biltema’s pool maintenance kit. The kit includes a suction cleaner and pool rake.

  • Clean smaller particles from the water. In addition to the visible debris that you can remove manually, the pool water is also contaminated by smaller particles. You can remove these from the pool by using a pool filter.

  • Disinfect the pool water. It is important that the water in your pool is fresh to swim in. To ensure this, you can disinfect the pool water with chlorine. You will find several different products within this category at Biltema. For example, you can choose between weekly chlorine tablets or quick-chlorine granules.

  • Keep the water clear. Do you want the water to remain crystal clear and not become cloudy or foamy? Then you can use biocides to prevent deposits and keep the water clear. Clear Pool is a popular product in this segment.

  • Test the water quality. Maybe you’re already using chlorine to keep the pool water sterile and fresh? But even so, you need to regularly check the quality of the water. You can easily do this with a pool tester or a test kit. These products will help you control the chlorine and pH levels of the water.

  • Raise or lower the pH. Is the pH too high or too low? You can raise or lower the pH of the pool water using Pool pH+ or Pool pH-.

Frequently asked questions about pool maintenance

What is pool cleaning and pool care?

Pool care involves taking care of your pool, and pool cleaning involves keeping it clean and fresh.

What pool cleaning products should I have?

To clean your pool, you will need cleaning products specifically for pools. Biltema sells pool cleaning products with and without chlorine.

How do I clean my pool?

The interior base can be washed with a soft sponge and soap. Do not forget to rinse out the pool thoroughly so that there is not a lot of lather left when the pool is filled with water again.

Make sure the water temperature does not exceed +30 °C.
Any discoloration of iron and metals can be washed off using an acidic cleaner.
Remember to walk carefully in the empty pool, preferably barefoot, when cleaning the interior base.