Football – the most popular sport in the world 

It’s not the world’s most popular sport for nothing. Football has been played for generations and appeals to people all over the world. With footballs and football goals from our range, you can take part in the football hysteria at home in your garden! 
You can practise shooting, passing, dribbling, and maybe even cool goal celebrations! The whole family can play football, no matter how good your passing game is – we promise you’ll have plenty of laughs and get good exercise. 


In our range you will find well-balanced and durable footballs, which are suitable for practising, games, or playing in the garden. You can buy our footballs in different sizes and colours to suit both big and small footballers. With a football at home, you can practise tricks and shots, or you challenge your family or friends to a fast-paced football match.  

Want to practise technique?  

Check out our mini football on string! With it, you can effectively practise technique without the ball flying away. 

Plastic footballs 

Are you a beginner or too small to play with a hard football? Then you should buy one of our plastic footballs, which are ideal for playing with in the garden, on the beach, or in the park.  It’s the perfect football to start practising ball control and kicking.  

Football goals  

To practise shots or play a football match, you need to have proper football goals. In our range you will find football goals in different sizes. For instance, you can buy larger football goals, which are anchored to the ground, but you will also find smaller football goals that can be easily set up and folded up so they can be taken to the beach or park. All goals have durable and weatherproof nets, and the portable football goals come with a bag and hooks for securing them to the ground.  

3-in-1 football goals  

Don’t have anyone to play football with? Or do you want to practise shooting? Then you should check out our 3-in-1 goals, which come with a target cloth and rebounder. The target cloth allows you to practise your aim and accuracy, while the rebounder lets you practise both shooting and passing, since the ball always bounces back to you. The perfect football buddy!  

Ball pump 

Don’t forget to buy a proper ball pump. Because there’s nothing worse than picking up a football that has no air in it.  

All our footballs are purchased deflated.  

Frequently asked questions about footballs

How long is a football match?  

A football match is played in two halves, each of which is 45 minutes long.  

How many substitutions are permitted in football? 

Each team may substitute a maximum of 5 players per match.

How long is extra time in football?  

Extra time in a football match is played in two halves, each of which is 15 minutes long. If the score is still not tied after that, there will be a penalty shootout. 

How big is a football field?  

A full-size football field measures 105 x 65 metres.