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Buying guide sports – play sports together in the garden 

Exercise and play sports together as a family! If you are looking for quality sports equipment for an active everyday life together with the children, you have come to the right place. Whether you want to play a lively football match together in the sun or a game of table tennis in the living room, you can find what you need with us. 


Challenge the family in different sports 

Playing sports and exercising together as a family is both fun, rewarding and useful. In physical activity and sports, children get the opportunity to practice motor skills and coordination skills in a playful way. As a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to exercise playing sports together as a family is a perfect solution. After all, exercising with the family means activity and quality time in one!    

At Biltema you will find lots of other sports equipment. Why not challenge the kids to a game of innebandy or basketball? In our wide range you will find innebandy goals and balls as well as basketball hoops and balls. With the right sports equipment, there is nothing that can stop you from having fun together. 

Play football in the garden 

Football is one of the most popular sports in Sweden and something you can play together with both adults and children no matter where you are. The only sports equipment you need is a football and two football goals. Add a bunch of cones, football figures and a rebounder and you have everything you need to practice your ball technique. 

Basketball in the driveway 

Play a fast-paced basketball game in the driveway, or practice throwing and dribbling together. In our range you will find basketball hoops and balls of different sizes. 

Racket sports – many people's favourite 

Whether you get together for a game of tennis in the garden, or huddle around the ping pong table, racket sports are often a real family favourite. Find rackets, balls and nets in our wide range of racket sports equipment.  

Fast-paced innebandy 

Innebandy is a real family favourite to play out on the street or on the drive. All you need is am innebandy stick, ball and two goals – then you are ready for a fast-paced and intense innebandy match.  

Winter sports on ice 

Sub-zero temperatures and frozen water mean only one thing – a hockey match! With or without skates, hockey is always a good idea when you are going to play sports together.   

Sharpen your technique 

Maybe you or the kids want to improve your technique in their favourite sport? Invest in cones, a rebounder, training hurdles or football figures – that challenge and develop technique, coordination and motor skills in a playful way.  

Sports FAQs

What sports equipment should I buy? 

Buy the sports equipment that you need to enjoy the sport you want to practice. With the right equipment, everything will be much more fun.  

What do you need to play sports in the garden? 

It depends on what sport you are interested in. With us you will find sports accessories for football, basketball, innebandy, tennis, badminton and table tennis, all of which you can play in the garden if you wish.