Racquet Sports – something for everyone 

The term racquet sports is broad and includes sports such as tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Here you will find badminton and table tennis sets, tennis balls, and sports nets. Explore our range and challenge your family to Round Robin table tennis on the dining table or a badminton tournament in the garden. 

Table tennis  

To play table tennis, also known as ping-pong, you need table tennis racquets and balls, and, of course, a table to play on. We have entry-level table tennis racquets and balls that are perfect for recreational and hobby play.  

You don’t need to buy a large table tennis table to play, since you can easily transform your dining table into a table tennis table by fitting a flexible and portable table tennis net.  

Not much space for a table tennis table?  

Then you should check out our mini table tennis table, which is foldable and adjustable and ideal for smaller spaces. Challenge your family or friends to Round Robin table tennis – it’s a lot of fun and improves your fitness, strength, coordination, and balance. The perfect family activity!  


Badminton is a fun activity for the whole family, where both kids and adults can join in and play. All you need is a badminton set, with badminton racquets, a shuttlecock, and a badminton net. Our badminton set includes two badminton racquets and two shuttlecocks, along with a practical bag in which to store the equipment.  

No badminton net at home? You can easily create your own with a few chairs, or you can hang a blanket between the chairs and build your own net. You are only limited by your imagination!  


Are you an avid tennis player, or are you looking to start playing? Either way, you always need tennis balls, because they tend to disappear over time. Here at Biltema you can get large packs of tennis balls. We have tennis balls that are a little softer and suitable for smaller children or beginners, but you will also find tennis balls that are match-approved according to the International Tennis Federation (ITF) standard. These tennis balls are durable, gas-filled and fast, with good bounce. 

No one to play tennis with?  

Then you should buy a tennis training set!  

It is a comeback tennis trainer consisting of a ball attached to a string, which is connected to a base filled with sand or water. It allows you to practise your forehand or backhand for hours, and the ball always comes back to you!  

Frequently asked questions about racquet sports

How many racquet sports are there?  

The most popular racquet sports are tennis, badminton, table tennis/ping pong, padel, and squash. 

How is tennis scored?  

Tennis is played in sets, either best-of-three or best-of-five. To win a set, you need to win six games, with a margin of at least two games over your opponent. To win a game, you need to win four points, with at least two points difference. A game is cored as 15, 30, 40 for each ball won, instead of 1, 2, 3.  

How does badminton work?  

Badminton can be played in either singles or doubles. You play in best-of-three sets and the player to first score 21 points wins a set. The first player to wins two sets wins the match. 

How is table tennis/ping pong scored?  

A table tennis match is played in best-of-five sets, so the player to first win three sets wins the match. The first player to score 11 points wins the set.