DIY – do-it-yourself-projects at home

Anyone can carry out stylish and practical DIY projects – from novices to true master craftsmen. There are plenty of things around your home that you can change, upgrade, or renovate. With a touch of creativity and the right equipment, you can breathe new life into your furniture or create completely new interiors!

But what is DIY?
DIY (Do-it-Yourself) projects are becoming increasingly popular. Many people are realizing the allure of using simple means to redo and spruce up their home and breathe new life into worn furniture. DIY projects can be done inexpensively, because it shouldn’t cost and arm and a leg to fix up an old dresser, make new dining table chairs, or freshen up the coffee table. Simply put, you are only limited by your creativity and ambition.

In this article, we will share some of the DIY projects done by our customers using materials from Biltema. Let the DIY inspiration flow!

Transform your chairs – braid with jute rope

Have your chair seats lost their shape or colour, or do they look shabby? Do they have stains that won’t come out? Have your chairs seen better days? Perhaps you’re thinking about buying new chairs? Hold on – you can extend the life of your chairs with a new braided seat instead!

Like one of our customers did, you can use durable jute rope to turn your old chair into a real dining table dream! There are different techniques for braiding a chair seat – either you can braid in a checkerboard pattern (as pictured below) or you do an envelope pattern. Our best tip when it comes to braiding is to search on Google – because it’s not as difficult as it may seem.


Braided chair seat - Our customer braided a new chair seat with our jute rope, and the result was absolutely fantastic. Photo: @rimeligfint.

Give your dresser a simple makeover

Do you have a dresser that has started singing its swan song? Maybe it has some scratches, or you are tired of the look and colour. Before heading to the furniture store to buy a new one, we think you should first try give it a makeover! With some new paint, new knobs and new handles, you can easily transform your dresser.

How to make your dresser like new:

  1. Start by removing all the knobs and fittings.
  2. Clean the dresser thoroughly, fill any holes left by the fittings, and mend scratches if necessary.
  3. Sand the entire piece of furniture with sandpaper, and then wipe down thoroughly. This will allow the new paint to adhere well.
  4. Once the paint has dried, you can then fit your new handles and voila! your dresser has been given new life!

Dresser - Our leather handles have given this dresser a completely new, fresh look. Photo: Stine Sveen.

Our range of handles and knobs

Give your pots a new look

Repainting your pots allows you to be truly creative, and maybe it’s something the whole family can do together? With our spray paints, you can easily make your pots unique and personal.

Before painting your pots, it’s important to clean them thoroughly and let them dry fully before applying paint.

If you are going to use spray paint, it’s important that you shake the can first and spray at the correct distance from the pot. Also, keep in mind that you may need to spray on multiple coats to get the right shade. This should be done at five-minute intervals. We recommend that you use the spray paint outdoors in a place where you are not concerned about splashing some paint, and you should also wear old clothes.

Our spray paints

Remodel with decorative plastic & corrugated plastic

Do you have an old coffee table or side table that you are not completely satisfied with anymore? Tables become scratched over the years, it’s almost inevitable. But instead of buying a new one right away, with small simple means you can create a completely new table!

With stylish decorative plastic or durable corrugated plastic, you can easily transform your scratched coffee table into something new and fresh and breathe new life into it. With our decorative plastic, you are essentially only limited by your imagination. It can be used to transform a variety of interior items, surfaces, countertops, or shelves.

If you decide to work with our corrugated plastic, which is a durable material, it’s easiest to cut with a fine-toothed saw. Do you have a coffee table with a scratched glass top that you are tired of? Replace the glass top with corrugated plastic! Cut it to the correct dimensions and then use glue or suitable screws to attach the corrugated plastic.


Top for coffee table - Here, one of our customers has created a new top for their coffee table using our corrugated plastic. Photo: @ny.variant

Wooden sticks – for modern placemats

Do you want to create a gorgeous table setting? Or do you want to protect your dining table from children’s spills? With wooden sticks from our range, you can create neat and practical placemats – which are also stylish enough to have out at dinner parties! You can easily glue the wooden sticks together with ordinary wood glue or superglue. Oil the wooden sticks before gluing them together for a neat and glossy finish. Oiled wooden sticks can also better withstand moisture and food spills, so your placemats will stay neater for longer.


Placemats for table - Stylish placemats for the dining table create a festive table setting. Here, a customer has used our wooden sticks to create placemats. Photo: @camillashjem

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