A Day on the Beach!

A Day on the Beach!

Sand between your toes, salt water in your hair and the sun on your skin. Building sandcastles, reading books in the shade or eating plenty of ice cream. Water wars, a game of football or a nap in the sun lounger.

As we all know, a day on the beach is different for different people. We’ve all been there: lugging around toys, sun loungers, umbrellas, towels and the cooler.
No matter what you enjoy doing on the beach, we have the goods to make your day at the beach a summer success.

Relax in a sun lounger

Sand is great, but surely we can all agree that it’s sometimes nice to get away from it for a little while? So sit down in a comfortable sun lounger or beach chair and enjoy the sun or maybe cool down in the shade.
Another tip for keeping the sand away, as much as this is possible, is to sit down on a cosy picnic blanket or a large beach towel.

Protect yourself from the sun

The sun quickly becomes both hot and strong, so it’s important that you get a chance to cool down in the shade a while. You can protect yourself from the sun in different ways, and we have a few good options for you! And make sure to use a sunscreen with high SPF when out in the sun.

Beach umbrella

With a beach umbrella you can easily get some shade on the beach. It’s easy to take along and move around during the day, so you can protect yourself as the sun moves in the sky. Make sure to insert it deep into the sand, so that does not get blown over by the wind.

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Strandtält med UV-skydd, 219:-

Beach tent

A beach tent with UV protection is especially useful if you have small children who need protection from the sun. The tent is easy to both set up and fold up, and creates the perfect shady spot on the beach.

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Pack a picnic

The queues to the beach kiosk are often long, and standing and crowding in a hot queue is probably the last thing you want to do on your day the beach. So pack a picnic instead! With a handy cooler, you keep your food and drink cold all day. And don’t forget the plastic crockery, so that you have something to drink out of and eat from.

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Fun and activities on the beach

Not everyone wants to lie down on a sun lounger all day – many of us want to take part in activities and have fun. We’ll give you a few tips on fun and fast-paced activities for the whole family.

Water sports

Get your adrenaline pumping by tubing behind a boat. Or practise your balance on a stand up paddle board or kayak. Our stand up paddle boards and tubes are inflatable and easy to take along anywhere.

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Water toys

Nothing is more fun than playing on the beach, especially for children! So take along a snorkel and goggles, diving sticks, an inflatable boat or an air mattress. Then you’re guaranteed a fun and fast-paced day at the beach, for both young and old!

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Sand toys

For the smallest children, sand toys are always a sure bet. With sand toys, children can play on the beach for hours while their imaginations flow freely.

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