Quick Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Perfect Pool

There’s nothing better than having a pool in your backyard when the summer sun beats down. Many people dream of having their own pool, but may feel it’s too big a dream to realise. But it doesn’t have to be! Pools come in all shapes and sizes and they really don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

With an above-ground pool from Biltema, you can make your dream of owning a pool come true. We have swimming pools that can be placed in the garden or directly on the patio for the whole family, just for children or maybe just for you and your significant other.

But how do I choose the perfect pool for me?

There is no right or wrong when choosing the size of your pool, you just have to decide what will best suit your circumstances and needs. When choosing the size of the pool, we recommend starting by thinking about the following things: the purpose of the pool, the depth of the pool, and the conditions in the garden.

Choose a pool size to suit your needs and circumstances

When choosing a pool size, think about how you intend to use the pool and how many people will use the pool at the same time. Will it be a place to relax with a few friends or family members, or should it be able to accommodate many bathers at the same time and have space for splashing and play? Do you want a pool with seating or will the main purpose be to take a dip?

The more people in the pool at the same time, the bigger the pool you need. Swimming elbow-to-elbow in a small pool is not much fun.

The size of your yard determines the size of your pool

In order to choose the right pool, you must know where it will be placed. For instance, a small yard can only accommodate a small pool, whereas a bigger yard gives you more flexibility. The size and shape of your yard essentially determine the size and shape of your pool.

If you instead plan to place the pool on a patio, you should make sure to choose a pool size that leaves some space around the pool so that it doesn’t feel too cramped.


How deep should the pool be?

The depth of the pool is another important aspect because it determines how it can be used and how safe it is for children. A family pool is both for adults and children to swim and play in, so the water level should not be too high. A water depth of about 110 centimetres is usually perfect for the whole family to enjoy. If the pool will mainly be used by young children, the depth should, of course, be suitable for them. And remember that small children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

From small patio pools to spacious pools for many people

No matter your needs or circumstances, there’s a pool for almost all preferences. At Biltema you will find affordable outdoor pools in various sizes that come with a water pump and with or without steel frames. All so you can enjoy lovely bathing during the summer.

Take the chance to enjoy your own relaxing hot tub! 

Imagine having your own hot tub right on your doorstep? A hot tub gives you a little extra luxury and warmth in a stress-free and relaxing environment after a busy workday, or when you want to indulge in some warm water on the weekend.  

At Biltema you will find two different hot tubs, both of which can accommodate up to six adults and can be used all year round. With a hot tub pump, you can quickly and easily set up your tub to enjoy warming and massaging air jets through the patented AirJet™ system. Both hot tubs have an easy-to-use and conveniently located control panel, and one has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can easily control the tub remotely with a smartphone to turn on the heating or activate the tub before getting in. 


Would you like more information about the different pools and hot tubs and the best solution for your garden and preferences? Contact your nearest Biltema store and we will help you! 

Make sure you have a clean pool all summer

A pool needs regular care to stay clean and fresh. In addition to special chemicals, a pool needs to be vacuumed and algae may need to be brushed off. There are plenty of smart pool accessories – some are necessary while others make pool care easier. Biltema offers a wide range of pool care products that make it easy to keep your pool fresh all summer long.

Downloadable pool care guide

Read our maintenance guide for your pool and learn tips for cleaning, start of season, winterization and problem solutions.

Read the guide here

Pool accessories

There are plenty of useful accessories for ensuring the perfect conditions in your pool. Here at Biltema you will find everything from heat pumps and solar heaters to numerous practical pool accessories, such as pool ladders, thermometers and repair kits.

Practical accessories for your outdoor pool


When the summer comes to an end, most pools can be packed up and stored in a shed or garage until the next year.

When it’s time to empty the pool, the water in small children’s pools can be poured out into the garden as long as the water does not contain chemical additives. The water from larger pools should be poured down a drain.

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