Autumn decoration – Decorate your home using Biltema's wonderful products for autumn decoration!

Autumn decoration – Decorate your home using Biltema's wonderful products for autumn decoration!

The air is crisp and fresh. The lush summer greenness has faded away. Nature is filled with a splendour of colours glowing in red and orange tones. The wind is blowing more, and the nights are getting darker. Autumn invites you to enjoy the warmth of your home and decorate it according to the season. See our interior design tips and create an autumnal look for your home using Biltema’s interior design products.

The darkening autumn evenings invite you to curl up in the corner of the sofa. As people are spending increasingly more time at home, many want to make their home a comfortable place to relax and share love-filled moments with the family. Decorating your home does not require major renovations: replacing textiles and other interior design products with ones that suit the season is enough. See our fall decorating tips below and get lovely home decor products from Biltema at an affordable price!


Decorating with softness and luxury

It’s easy to update the interior of your home according to the season by using small interior design products, for example. In autumn, there can never be too many blankets! Turn your sofa into a luxurious oasis using fleece blankets of different colours that you can wrap around yourself in those cool autumn evenings. A sheepskin is also always stylish – hang it on a wall or use it as a rug for extra softness.

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Different kinds of wicker baskets for storing your small items and sewing supplies are also among the must-have interior products for autumn. The natural tones of the baskets provide a contrast to the dark shades of autumn. You can also use the baskets to hide any dull-looking flower pots! The baskets are also great for hallway storage.

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Lightning ant scents

Create eye-catching arrangements out of simple vases, lanterns and tealight holders. In addition to regular candles, you can add to the luxurious atmosphere by using scented candles. Elegant and versatile decorative ladders are suitable for all areas of the home. Wrap decorative lights around the ladder or add hooks to hang your bags, for example. The ladder can also be used as a towel rack in the bathroom.

Fighting the autumn darkness with indoor and outdoor lights

As the autumn arrives, it’s a good idea to think about the lighting of your home. Lights can also be cleverly hidden. Indirect lighting creates a soft atmosphere for the living room and evenly illuminates the space. For example, a LED light strip can be used to reflect light from the ceiling or floor into the living room. Light strips are also ideal for illuminating bookshelves, for example.
Beautiful decorative lamps brighten up the autumn decor and are perfect to pair with retro-style lamp holders. Smart lights are also an increasingly popular choice: you can easily adapt the lighting of your home to suit your mood or activities with the help of smart lighting.

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Outdoor lighting 

During those dark autumn nights, the importance of lighting is emphasised in the yard and balcony as well. Yard and balcony lighting can be used to create a comfortable and secure atmosphere. Decorative in-ground LED garden lights effectively illuminate trees, shrubs and facades up to 30 meters. The lights of the Decklight LED light series can be installed in places like terrace floors, stairs or stone tiles. The deck lights use a light-sensitive switch and can be set to light up at nightfall. You can also use outdoor fairy lights to create an atmospheric ambience in the garden or on the balcony.

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Ocean breeze in the bathroom

Make your bathroom interior more autumnal by decorating with new textiles and small interior design products. The marine colours of Biltema's towels – blue, red, grey and white – bring the past summer to mind. A beige towel, on the other hand, blends nicely with other autumn colours. The terry towels are soft and have a border at the bottom. You can roll or fold the towels and place them into wicker baskets!
A soft bath mat feels comfortable under the feet and reduces echo in a large space together with a shower curtain. Candles complete the luxurious bathroom atmosphere.

Eye-catching wall details

If you don’t feel like wallpapering or painting your walls, why not opt for some interesting wall details? Create your own photo collage on the wall using photo frames of different sizes: choose the best photos from the past summer and hang them at the best spot of your home. Photos take you back to the important moments and warm memories in the middle of the autumn darkness.


You can place paintings or framed posters, photos, books and small decorative items on a handy photo shelf. Storage shelves, on the other hand, are perfect for storing storage baskets, vases and tealight holders. Mirrors are also great for changing the look of a room and creating a sense of spaciousness, especially in small rooms. 

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