Moving from home – how to move and decorate affordably

Moving from home – how to move and decorate affordably

You’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. It’s exciting and perhaps even a little scary. And now that the big day has arrived, it’s time to take the first steps into the rest of your life and move into your own home. These tips will help you to affordably furnish your first home and make smart purchases!

Sooner or later, everyone moves from home. Many have dreamt of doing so for ages and have thought hard about what their own home would look like. Moving out of your childhood home marks the beginning of a new chapter in life. Moving to your own home is the beginning of a lifelong adventure.

For most of us, moving into our first home means a lot of purchases. Fortunately, it is possible to decorate and furnish your first home on a tighter budget and by having some DIY attitude, without sacrificing practicality or compromising on style.

Before you start decorating: clean

A young person waiting impatiently to move into their first home usually dreams about how it should look, not what to do before you can start decorating. When moving into your first home, start by writing a checklist with preparations for the move and cleaning chores in your new home right at the top. If you have a checklist, you won’t forget to do important things.

It pays to clean your new home properly before you start organising your things. Vacuum the floors, clean away dust, and wash the windows if necessary. For best results, use Multi-Purpose Cleaner. You can buy the cleaning products at affordable prices from Biltema – we have everything you need for cleaning, no matter if you need a vacuum cleaner, mop, cleaning cloths, spray bottles, broom and dustpan, dish brush or cleaning agents. With high-quality cleaning products, you can keep your new home sparkling clean.

Furnish your new home affordably

Start with the essentials

You don’t have to buy everything you need in your new home at the same time. The interior does not have to be complete on the day you move in. You can buy items gradually in order to distribute the costs over a longer period of time. The smartest thing to do when moving into your new home is to buy essential furniture and household goods – all the things you need to be able to live in your new home.
Start by buying the most important furniture and household goods. At the top of the list when it comes to large furniture are a bed, sofa, dining table and chairs. If you have a very limited budget, it’s worth exploring flea markets, recycling centres and online classifieds – you can get a good bargain.

The kitchen is the room that initially needs the most purchases to make everyday life work. At Biltema you will find high-quality household goods and appliances, such as cutlery, glasses, kitchen towels, coffee makers, microwaves, toasters and kettles. With practical appliances and accessories, working in the kitchen will be a pleasure, both for everyday life and for parties.

Furnish practically – think about storage solutions in the home

You can never have too much storage space! When moving into your first home, you should think, right from the start, about which storage solutions work best. Different shelving systems and storage shelves make it easier to keep order in your home. When each item has its own place on the shelf, it is easier to keep the home tidy. It also makes it easier to quickly find what you need.


For example, a wire basket with a rack is practical storage solution for a closet: remove the shelves in the closet and place several baskets on top of each other. Vacuum bags with a storage box are also an ingenious accessory for closets and wardrobes. The storage box saves space and protects clothing and other fabrics from moisture, odours, dust, insects, etc.

At Biltema you will also find trendy wicker baskets and handy clothing racks. We also recommend that you get storage boxes with lids in which you can store items such as seasonal clothing and shoes, sports equipment, garden equipment or washing and cleaning products. 

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A harmonious interior – with simple and inexpensive tricks 

You can decorate your first home with simple means, and you don’t necessarily have to spend money on a major renovation. You can create a harmonious interior with complementary tones or an overarching theme that binds all rooms into a beautiful whole. For example, you can choose a colour that you then use in different rooms.


You can easily change the feel of a new home by painting the walls. At Biltema you will find the painting accessories and tools you need to make your dreams come true. If you’re looking for a personal solution for your apartment, you can use an art paint to paint a wall, thereby turning the entire wall into a work of art. Chalk drawings are easy to erase when you grow tired of them. If you prefer wallpaper, we also have high-quality wallpapering equipment.

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Do it yourself

You can easily save money by doing things yourself. There are thousands of DIY interior design ideas online, and you will definitely find something that you can do. For example, you can do some carpentry and turn an old door into a bed headboard, or you can build a coffee table from empty wooden boxes. At Biltema you will find high-quality tools – for both small and large DIY projects – ranging from hammers and screwdrivers to nails and drills.

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If you are struggling to create a consistent interior using furniture or objects with different styles, just pick up your paintbrush. Painting furniture in complementary colours will give the interior some uniformity. You can also make the whole more harmonious by choosing pillows, sheets, towels or other household textiles that have elements of a common colour. Different plaids, sheepskin, scented candles and lamps contribute to the whole by creating a homely feel and a good atmosphere.

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