Boat tools – See which tools you should carry on board

No matter what type of boat you own or sail in during peak boating season, it is always a really good idea to have tools on your boat. This is important because there are so many things that can happen while you are out on the water and accidents can happen – especially if you are sailing long distances. In this article, we will look at what you should have with you for your sailing trip to enable you to carry out repairs on your own boat.

The big toolkit

If you own a boat then you have to be good at doing lots of different things. Sometimes boat ownership can feel a lot like standing in a hot bath while tearing up banknotes. So it pays to be able to do a few repairs yourself should the worst happen.

For the DIY boat owner with arm movements as big as their ambitions, a solid, well-functioning multiple socket set is a must have on board. This comes in handy not just for your engine, but also when carrying repairs to the deck, pantry and other locations where the kit will be indispensable.

You should opt for a socket set that features both ½ and ¼ sizes so that you can deal with smaller tasks on the boat while also making the most of them for the harder tasks like work on your propeller.
Bear in mind that many American and British boat engines use sockets measured in inches, so you should make sure that you choose your tools accordingly.

Star fork wrenches are great to have around when there is very little space to work in. They work better when space is at a premium than ratchets, or as resistance to through bolts.


Tool set - The kit contains 152 parts and is both practical and compactly packaged.


Impact sockets - The kit contains ¼ ”, ½” and ¾ ”socket wrenches in both mm and inch sizes.

You never know what might happen when you are sailing, and what you might need to repair on your trip. That is why lots of people choose to have a multi-tool onboard. A multi-tool with interchangeable heads is a smaller socket set with a loose handle and a ratchet all in one set.
All you have to do is fit the bit or top you need in any given situation. The ratchet is great for screws that are stuck.

Screwdrivers and slip joint pliers

A selection of tools is also well worth having along when packing the toolbox for your boat. You should also have standard tools on hand such as a screwdriver set, multi-grip pliers, wire cutters and spanners. Slip joint pliers are handy for all sorts of tasks where you need to maintain a firm grip. Just as it comes in useful for plumbing work in the home, so it is also great for tightening and loosening fittings or the gas stove on board your boat.


Polygrip tool - The polygrip pliers are the craftsman on board.

If you are the owner of a boat with very little space in the engine compartment or around the outboard motor, then particularly short spanners are a great idea. Remember that the most common sizes are 10-19 mm.


What should a good screwdriver set include in this context? It should contain both flat-head and Phillips-head screwdrivers. It is also well worthwhile spending a little extra to benefit from screwdrivers that feature shafts that are easy to grip. Things can get really stuck on board!


Multimeter for the boat

If you have a boat then you ought to have a multimeter on board. It comes in handy for testing most electrical components on board a boat. A multimeter for your boat should ideally include:

  • A voltmeter for battery voltages
  • An ammeter for measuring power consumption up to 10A
  • A rubber cap to offer protection in case you drop it while in heavy seas
  • A transit meter with audio
  • A resistance meter
  • A battery tester for 1.5V and 9V batteries
  • Voltage measurement in the AC area of up to 300V that can troubleshoot your shore current when in the port

At Biltema, we have offer multimeters like this in our range for less than DKK 100. It is great to have on standing by when you need it while on board.


Why settle just for a multimeter? It is so affordable that you can easily make one a permanent fixture on board your boat.

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