Choose the Right Snow Thrower

Choose the Right Snow Thrower

Clearing snow is hard, time-consuming, and physically taxing work. With the help of a snow thrower, you can easily clear large amounts of snow in a short time. But it’s not easy to know which model is best for you. The model you should choose depends on the size of your yard, the ground surface, and the amount of snow that needs to be cleared. Read below about what to consider before buying a snow thrower.

Different types of snow throwers

There are two main types of snow throwers: single-stage for smaller, flat surfaces, and two-stage for larger areas with a slope or uneven surface.

Single-stage snow thrower – for small and flat surfaces

A single-stage snow thrower is sufficient for smaller, flat surfaces without irregularities. If the surface area is less than 100 sqm, our single-stage snow thrower/electric snow shovel can be a good option. It is equipped with a brushless motor, telescopic handle, and adjustable-angle ejector. If you live in the southern Sweden and have a small, paved driveway, the single-stage snow thrower is ideal.

  • Cheaper than two-stage snow throwers
  • Small and easy to store
  • Suitable for small and flat areas

Two-stage snow thrower – for demanding snow clearing

The two-stage snow thrower is by far the most common type of snow thrower. In the first stage, the snow is collected, and in the second stage it is thrown clear. This type can handle hilly terrain, uneven surfaces, and deep snow. If you live in central or northern Sweden and have a large plot of land, a two-stage cluster is the right choice for you. Our range of two-stage snow throwers includes everything from a more basic model with a 4-stroke engine to a powerful model with continuous speed adjustment, drive belt, and a working width of 86.3 cm – and of course everything in between.

  • More powerful motor
    • Suitable for large areas with a lot of snow
    • Suitable for all surfaces

Wheels or track drive

Typically, snow throwers are equipped with wheels, but there are also models that have a track drive. These snow throwers can handle extra-demanding conditions and have good accessibility even on a hilly or inclined surfaces.

Take care of your snow thrower

For your snow thrower to have the longest possible service life, it is important to service and care for it by changing the oil before each season. You can also cover it with a protective cover when not in use.

Do you want your snow thrower pre-assembled?

When you buy a snow thrower from us, it is delivered in a box. It is easy to assemble on your own, but if you want to pick up your snow thrower fully assembled and test-driven, you can request this from Biltema Service. Order your snow blower via Pay & Collect and tick the box for pre-assembly. Read more about Biltema Service here.

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