Everything you need for home workouts

Everything you need for home workouts

Save money by exercising in the comfort of your own home. At Biltema you will find everything you need for a good workout, no matter the size of your home.

January is here with icy streets and snow-covered sidewalks. At this time of year, it can be extra tempting to stay in, which may go against your New Year’s resolutions for exercising and getting fit. Fortunately, exercising at home doesn’t cost too much or take too much time. We’ve got the equipment you need to get started.

Patrick Sørensen is a qualified personal trainer and works as an online trainer for Premium PT. He says that home workouts can be sufficient or as an complement to going to the gym: 

You can do a lot at home. As long as you load your body heavily enough, it won’t know if you’re at a gym or at home.

“By exercising at home, you avoid the commute to and from training, which can make it easier for many people to stick with it. Also, not everyone is as comfortable walking into a crowded gym. So, it’s much better to do a little at home than nothing at all.” 

Check out the PT’s suggestions for a home workout regimen further down in the article!

In our stores you will find a large selection of home exercise equipment, no matter if you have a large or small space – all you need is the inspiration.


Exercising in a few square metres

You don’t need a big space to get a lot out of your workouts.

You don’t need a big space to get a lot out of your workouts.

“If I could only have certain exercise equipment home, I would go for an exercise mat, a resistance band, and two sets of dumbbells in different weight classes,” says Patrick.

At Biltema’s stores you will also find equipment such as ankle weights, which provide extra resistance to leg exercises, and a balance pad to strengthen the muscles of the ankles and knees.


Build a workout room

Are you fortunate enough to have room for a home gym in an attic or a basement? Or do you have a large garage with space for most things? We’ve got everything you need to create a well-equipped home gym. And at an affordable price!

With a workout bench, you have a good base for exercises for the whole body. With a barbell set, you can do squats or chest presses – with or without the gym bench.

As storage for weights, mats, towels and other exercise equipment, you may want to get a sturdy shelf. You can also build this yourself using materials from Biltema.

To protect the floor, you may want to buy an exercise mat – a mat that you can place in your gym and that can be customised to your needs. And don’t forget about motivational music. At Biltema, you will also find wireless speakers.

An exercise bike and punching bag can make your workouts varied and fun. We also have step boxes, gym balls, skipping ropes, and sports tape.

Personal trainer Sørensen’s best tip for getting the most out of your home workout is to follow a plan and regimen. He also recommends starting small and then gradually increasing your workouts:

“Add your workout to your calendar. This agreement with yourself is just as important to keep as any other agreement.” 

Add your workout to your calendar.

Did you know that our own brand Yosemite has plenty of sportswear? Here you will find training tights, shorts, t-shirts and hoodies, for example.

Our range of sportswear

Home workout regimen

Warming up:

Warm up for about 10 minutes. Make sure to stretch well and do simple exercises, such as rolling your shoulders or moving your hips in a circle.

Do between 8-12 repetitions of all exercises in the regimen. Repeat the set three times. As you get stronger, you need to gradually increase the weight or add on more repetitions to continue your progress.

  1. Reverse lunges

Tighten your stomach, step backwards, and lower yourself controllably. Your knee must point straight ahead. You can either alternate legs or do one at a time.

  1. Push ups

Tighten your abdomen and glutes so that you are able to hold your body straight throughout the movement. Place your hands alongside your chest at shoulder-width distance. Lower yourself controllably until your chest and thighs are just above the ground.

Do not put your elbows too close to your body or push them too far outwards – keep them at a slight angle to your body. By tightening your stomach and buttocks, you’ll avoid swaying your lower back and your buttocks will remain in position. Keep your body straight throughout the movement.

  1. Single-arm row

Hold a dumbbell in one hand and let your arm hang down with your wrist and shoulder area outstretched. Pull your shoulder and elbow back and up. Complete one arm before switching to the next.

  1. Shoulder press

Sit or stand with the weights balanced above your elbows. Then push the weights up over your shoulders until your arms are straight. Lower the weights back down.

  1. Deadlift with kettlebell

Stand with your feet placed hip-width apart. Push your buttocks straight out backwards and keep your back straight. The buttocks should be at a height midway between the knees and shoulders.

Grab onto the kettlebell and tighten your core well. Then press your feet firmly onto the surface, push your hips forward, and clench your buttocks firmly when your hips are straight. Lower yourself back down until you are in the starting position.

  1. Dead bug

Keep your lower back pressed to the surface during the entire movement. Drive the opposite arm and leg down to the floor, slowly and controlled. Bring your leg close to the surface but ensure that you can keep your lower back pressed down.

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