Everything You Need for this Year’s BBQ Season

Everything You Need for this Year’s BBQ Season

Summer is finally here! That means barbecues and spending lots of time outdoors. At Biltema, you can get everything you need – from grills to grilling tools – without it costing an arm and a leg.

Grilling tools and utensils for a successful BBQ

We Norwegians love to barbecue – no matter if it’s for dinner or a party with family and friends. And now that barbecue season is finally here, it’s a good idea to check what equipment you will need.

Here at Biltema, we have a wide range of ingenious barbecue products – both for self-proclaimed grill masters and those who just want something a little more simple.

Choosing a grill

It’s not easy to navigate the jungle of different grills available. We therefore recommend that you choose a grill that meets your needs. How many people will you be grilling for?

For larger dinners with more guests, a robust four-burner gas grill is perfect.

Our Gas grills

If you prefer grilling with charcoal, this classic barrel grill is absolutely brilliantAnother classic is the kettle grill.

Our Charcoal grills

And if you want to try your hand at smoking your own food, you should check out this barrel smoker  that doubles as an ordinary grill.

Our Smoke boxes

For those who don’t have all the space in the world, this electric table grill is ideal.

Remember to stock up on charcoal, briquettes and lighter fluid! There’s nothing worse than discovering you’ve run out just as you want to light the grill...

Barbeque charcoal and briquettes

Ingenious BBQ tools

It’s not just the grill that should be in place before you start grilling. Sturdy grilling utensils are a must! The same goes for a proper grilling apron. Lined silicone grilling gloves provide good grip and make it easier to turn the food on the grill.

A meat thermometer is also something you should invest in, since it ensures that you get perfectly grilled meat – every single time.

If you want to make delicious skewers, you can’t go wrong with this skewer rack. It prevents the skewers from sticking to the grate. Another option is wooden skewers.

This grill mesh in Teflon-coated fibreglass prevents mushrooms and vegetables from burning, which makes it very practical on a hot grill.

All Barbeque accessories

Bored of sausages and steaks?

It’s easy to grill the same things over and over again, and even if they are your favourites! But have you tried grilling pizza, for example? Yes, you read that right! With a pizza stone, you can easily make your own pizza on the grill.

Homemade hamburgers are also extremely popular. Use a hamburger press to quickly and easily make perfect hamburgers. Grill them directly on the grill, or use a grill grate so they don’t stick. The grill grate is also great for fish and vegetables.

When the food is ready, serve it on a serving platter or grill tray. You can also use foil trays to keep the food warm.

Prep for a BBQ party

If only two of you will be sitting down to eat, a cosy café set with a table and two chairs will last a long time.

If you want to invite more people, Biltema has a wide range of good, affordable patio furniture. If you are worried about the rain, you can easily enjoy your food under a gazebo, and it also shields you from the sun if needed.

Outdoor furniture

Set your table with our smart plastic series to prevent breaking your favourite porcelain. In the series you will find stemware, drinking glasses, jugs and salad bowls.

We also have melamine plates perfect for outdoor use. After that, all you need is some good barbecue cutlery, and you’re ready to grill!

BBQ on a picnic

Grilling isn’t just for gardens and balconies. How about packing your backpack, grabbing the grill under your arm, and going on a real picnic?

At Biltema we have several good grills for use in the great outdoors. Everything from camping grills, beach grills and fold-up grills to portable gas grills.

The latter use a small gas cylinder, while the others can be used with charcoal and lighter fluid.

Don’t carry too much weight. Instead, make your trip more comfortable by using lightweight, disposable plates, disposable wooden cutlery, and paper cups. Alternatively, you can use plastic glasses.

Fill your cooler bag (with the world’s coolest design) with all sorts of food and beverages that need to be kept cold. Besides, having something cold to drink when you arrive is amazing! When it comes to ice packs, you can get 1-2 large packs. They also fit nicely in your backpack.

For maximum comfort, you can bring a camping table and camping chair with built-in cooler in the armrest. Each chair has space for 2-3 drink cans, and with a small ice pack, your drink will be kept cold for longer. If you enjoy picnicking with others, we highly recommend our picnic table with four chairs. Incredibly convenient, and super easy to set up.

A beach umbrella or a beach tent is also a good option to protect you from the sun. And if you fancy an overnight stay, you can easily fit this pop-up tent in your backpack

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