Outdoor cooking!

Outdoor cooking!

There’s nothing better than cooking outdoors in the summer, whether it’s on the barbecue at home, or on a camping stove during a trip to the mountains! Outdoor cooking is convenient and easy, and the whole family can take part.


Summer is synonymous with barbecues. Pretty much anything can be grilled on a barbecue, from vegetables and fruit to skewers, fish and pizza. We have a large selection of grill on offer, in different sizes and price ranges to suit all needs

Gas grills

Our gas grills are easy to fire up and to regulate heat, and if you choose one of our models with side burners, you can make sauces and other accompaniments without having to leave the grill. With our combi grill, you get everything in one with a gas grill, charcoal grill, smoker and hob. The barbecue enthusiast’s dream!

Charcoal grills

Charcoal grills give food that classic smoked barbecue taste, and if you’re a real barbecue enthusiast, this way of grilling is probably the one for you. A little more time and preparation is required, but choosing barbecue briquettes will allow you to grill for a long time at a steady temperature. Our range includes kettle grills, barrel grills and folding charcoal grills.

Electric grills

An electric grill can be used both indoors and outdoors, but it requires a nearby power outlet. It is easy to use and heats up quickly. Our tabletop grill lets you grill with the lid closed, or you can open it up 180°, which gives you two grilling surfaces. Cleaning is also very simple, as both the grill plate and the grease collector are dishwasher-safe.

Smoke boxes

Smoking is an old method for cooking meat and fish, giving a distinctive taste which many people enjoy. For those who like to smoke meat, we also have tower smokers, smoke grills and smoker boxes.

Grill accessories

Grilling utensils such as barbecue tongs and spatulas are a must-have when grilling, as it makes cooking easy and safe. When it comes to the cooking itself, a pizza stone is indispensable when roasting food on the grill, and a grill stand for chicken gives a juicy, tender result.

Of course, we have just what you’ll need to get grilling or smoking, everything from charcoal and briquettes to alder or beech smoking wood chips. We also recommend our smart picnic bags, which can easily be carried in your backpack and which eliminate the need for extra lighting assistance. Place the bag on the grill and light it with a lighter or matches.

Positioning your grill

Choose a place suitable for the current weather. Wind affects the efficiency of the grill, so it’s advisable to place it somewhere sheltered. Grills should not be placed indoors, under ceilings or too close to walls, as this increases the risk of fire and smoke. The grill should be placed on a flat and stable surface.

Remember to clean your grill

If your grill hasn’t been used in a while, or if you want to clean it after winter, make sure to clean it thoroughly. The cooking grate and the grill should be cleaned thoroughly with a grill brush. The parts should also be lubricated with oil. Oven cleaner is perfect for cleaning the cooking grate.

Clean the grill thoroughly by washing these parts with soapy water and a washing up brush. Let the grill air dry, or heat it up slightly so that it dries faster. Remember to let the grill cool down completely if you’re putting it away after cleaning.

Outdoor kitchen

If you want to get the most out of outdoor cooking, you can make yourself a simple and beautiful outdoor kitchen with a sturdy workbench, preferably with a storage shelf where you can store kitchen utensils, bowls, saucepans and anything else you might need for cooking. The grill should be placed relatively close to the workbench, but be sure to take heat and fire into consideration.

What you need for an outdoor kitchen: 

  • Workbench. Preferably with storage space underneath.
  • Storage. Shelfs for storing kitchen supplies, or wall-mounted hooks for hanging up kitchen utensils. 
  • Sink with tap. Install a sink with a tap so you can do the washing up and rinse things off with running water. 
  • Household equipment. Everything you need to make the best cooking out in the garden.

On the go

Different holidays require different types of equipment, depending on whether you’re driving somewhere for a picnic, or if you’re going on a long walk and need to travel light. 

Portable and folding grills

Folding grills are easy to use and convenient for a picnic on the beach, while camping or on a road trip - places where you don’t have to walk that far. We have portable grills powered by both gas or coal. Our smart picnic bags, as mentioned earlier, are perfect to take on holiday.

Gas stoves and camping stoves

Gas stoves

A burner mounted directly on top of a gas can is the simplest type, weighs the least and takes up the least space in your backpack, and it’s also the most affordable. The disadvantage of this type of stove is that it can easily become a little top heavy when a saucepan is put on top, and it can easily tip over.
A freestanding three-legged gas burner is much more stable and, because it can be folded, doesn’t take up much space in your backpack.
The advantage of a gas stove is that its heat output is good, it burns cleanly (does not produce soot), and is easy and safe to use. You will also need, of course, a gas canister, cookware and possibly a windshield.


Storm stoves

A storm stove with a meths burner lets you have everything in one! Storm stoves do however take up more space, as they often come as complete cooking sets, with a base that acts as a windshield. They don’t have the same heat effect as gas, and it takes a longer time to heat food. The advantages of a storm stove are that they are very simple and affordable.

About a fire ban i Sweden:

  • In spring and summer, it is sometimes forbidden to light a fire or grill in the woods and on the ground. You must therefore always find out what applies before lighting a fire.
  • A fire ban is decided by the municipality or the county administrative board.
  • You find information about fire bans on the municipality's, the county administrative board's or the rescue service's website.
  • A fire ban applies outdoors in forests and on land, in areas that are so close to forests that the fire can spread there.
  • Fire bans generally do not apply in densely populated areas, which means that you can grill in your own garden.
  • In the event of a fire ban, do not use combustible material, such as wood, coal, sticks or grass to light a fire or grill.

*Information from msb.se

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