Finish up your small projects

Finish up your small projects

Do you have cables lying around, empty walls, or a piece of furniture you’re bored of? Here’s how to finally get them done – in less than an hour.

Putting up a few pictures on the walls does a lot for a room. But sometimes days and weeks go by without you actually getting it done. Sound familiar? Then take this as a sign that now is the time to get to grips with your small projects around the home.

“You don’t need a lot of time or a thick wallet to make simple upgrades to your home,” reassures Helene Bjerke, Store Manager at Biltema Hadeland.

“For example, you can give an old chest of drawers a completely new look by replacing the knobs. This can be done in a few minutes, and you only need new knobs and a screwdriver.” 

Quick and affordable

We went to an ordinary apartment, and in less than an hour we had not only hung pictures on the wall with plaster anchors – but we also changed knobs on the hallway shoe closet, tidied up loose cables in the living room, and fitted floor protectors to the chair legs.

The price tag came to just over NOK 400. If we had counted in the tools we needed, a drill, screwdriver, and hammer, the total price would have been a modest NOK 1,300.

If you take a trip to Biltema, you can save both time and money by buying everything under one roof.


New furniture in no time

As mentioned, replacing knobs is a quick and easy way to change the look of a piece of furniture.

At Biltema you will find several types of knobs and handles, both for furniture and kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

“Pull out a screwdriver and voila, you’ve got a new piece of furniture,” says Bjerke.

Another job that is just as simple as it is impactful is to replace a door handle.

And hanging up some pictures often seems like a lot more work than it actually is.

“Take some time to find the pictures you want and decide on size,” says Bjerke. “Then you can find some gorgeous frames, or why not mount a photo ledge? Once you get going, it’s all done no time.”


From chaos to order

To get the cables in order, we used a slotted cable duct and cable clips.

“These are simple tools to keep cables in place,” says Bjerke. “A cable duct is easy to mount and fits snugly on all clean surfaces. But be aware that paint or wallpaper may be damaged if you remove the cable duct.”

By fitting floor protectors under table and chair legs, you prevent the floor from getting scratched. In our stores you will find several types of floor protectors for different pieces of furniture.

“If you have small children at home, we also have a range of child safety products. For example, protective caps for power outlets and child locks for cabinet doors,” says Bjerke.

More projects underway?

Do you want to start a slightly bigger – but still simple – project? Our stores have a range of items for those who want to upgrade their bathroom fixtures!

“For example, check out the good selection of toilet seats, washbasins and base cabinets, and shower heads. And don’t forget the sanitary silicone,” says Store Manager Bjerke.

And if it’s time to replace door mouldings, we have three-piece door casing kits – check them out here. Otherwise, our moulding spray is perfect if the mouldings only have a few scratches or nicks.

"If you opt for the moulding spray, we also recommend masking tape, which you will, of course, also find at Biltema,” says Bjerke.

Otherwise, it’s always good to have some filler so that you can easily fix minor damage to the walls.

“In our many stores, you will also find a large selection of equipment for painting,” concludes Bjerke.


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